Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury 2016


KRG did a little list on pg 7 of this thread with his suggestions. I went through it but the only ones I thouht about going to were Grime. Who would have guessed that.

I think I am off to see James opening on the other stage on the Friday.

Others on my possible list are

Frightened Rabbit

Beans on toast

Billy Bragg

Don Letts


Will Varley


Last Shadow Puppets

Tame Impala

Laura Mvula

Bat for Lashes

Saint Etienne

But when I plan it I tend to then just wander about and see what I find.

Think they attempted ticket delivery today. Will have to collect on Friday now.


I’d say KRG’s list is mostly everyone that are worth seeing. I’d add:

Jagwar Ma (followed Kurt Vile)

Floating Points

Also, PJ Harvey followed by LCD Soundsystem is an absolute no brainer.

If you get fucked enough you should enjoy most of the above DP regardless of musical taste.


The festival in which musical taste could well cause a lot of friction in our little camp. ms pap will be turning 40 at some point over that weekend, and naturally wants to go and see Adele, someone that is not really my cup of tea.

I can think of at least two other stages I’d rather be. Wouldn’t mind seeing Turin Brakes or New Order. This has been seen as a revenge snubbing after I ended up going to Metallica on my own on the Saturday.

It is not. It’s Adele, FFS.


I was a little surprised she did want to go see Adele as sure she said she would rather be elsewhere. But suppose there are people who sometimes change their mind. :grimacing:

Anyway. I spend a lot of time leaving my partner watching what he wants and going off to see what I want. We spend most of the time with each other the rest of the year. Respite is a good thing for people as is not being forced to watch music you hate :laughing:


Make sure you wear a little trilby, and a lanyard - even when not on the site.


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have Elbow split up? Why is Guy Garvey performing on his own?

Nah, Guy is just pratting around doing a bit of solo stuff for a while.

the only band I’d want to see out of that lot is the Syrian orchestra, just so I could throw bottles of piss at them and tell them to fuck off back to Syria and defend their country. Fucking liberal elite with their violins.

I bet the fuckers come on stage in sandals n all.

Anyone else clock that these guys are on very early in the morning?

With Damian Albern and guests :cool:


intiniki and I were on a stag do in Liverpool. We were all in super hero or super villain fancy dress. intiniki was Poison Ivy. I went as Thor (miniature, of course). We weren’t the only people on a stag do. As we were moving from one place to another, we spot another of these groups.

Their thing was just wearing trilbies.

“Hats?!”, one of us said. “Is that it?”.

I like to think the rest of their day was spent contemplating the piss poor effort they had made and that the groom got stood up at the altar.



Pap - you get the trilbies and I’ll sort the lanyards.


I told you!

Set up a stupid hat shop in Tosser Street, it would be a little goldmine.


Does a bright Orange Panama Hat count as almost a Trilby? 'cos it’s already in Blighty having been pre-positioned. (Along with the Shades and a matching Hawaiian shirt of course.)

I do have a lanyard

![]( gda =1474073178_18fb69d98b95c30f9ae6c13e3c4f1e88)


There’s a lane in Old Bangkok (Chinatown) - Sampeng - that in the 1800’s was a den of vice and Johnny Depps. These days it is more a wholesale market - everything from Shoes to “Accessories/Jewelllery stuff”. But best of all it has 3 EXCELLENT Stupid Hate Wholesalers.

In the past few years we’ve had Village People/Blue Oyster Bar style Black Leather US Police Caps, Pink Sequinned Baseball Caps (A HUGE hit at SpringFest in Munich) and the Pale Blue + Bright Orange Panamas.

I normally pick up about 50 each year and make a fortune flogging them to mates for the Rugby 7’s.

Last 3 years we’ve done Orange, Pale Blue & Pink. The Pink outfits even made it onto the IRB 7’s page.

Much more original than renting a costume and we ALWAYS win the Best Dressed Crew (2 hours of free VIP Corporate all we can drink)

Now anyone want to buy a festival phone?


Yep, that’s pretty much the look I was describing.

All you need to do now is talk through all of the acts and turn your back to the stage whenever possible.

And don’t forget your selfie stick - oh, hang on , you’ve shot one already.


And post them all onto Twitter…


should be able to spot you in the crowd.


I wouldn’t count on meeting any Sotonians based on pre-site performance, intiniki. When we were all on TSW, KRG and Phil were there the same time as we were. We planned to meet up, but didn’t end up happening. I think that’s probably a good thing. KRG’s messages were increasingly incoherent. And hats, FFS :slight_smile:


Ah but I had nothing to do with it. I arrange to meet people and I do. Just looking up tangerine panamas for us all. KRG what’s your address so I can get yours delivered direct?


Ain’t wearing it if

  1. it’s cold

My MLT bobble hat for anything less than 20C

  1. it’s wet

Have an Aussie bushman thing for that - need it to keep the rain off tobacco products :wink:


Damascus Saint modelling next years’ outfits.

Who’s in? (Can make the Wigs Optional of course)

(Do you have ANY idea how many hours it took to find the right shirts? and OF COURSE the oufits all come with matching light blue (fake) Raybans and straps (Which could be used to make matching Lanyards)

![]( gda =1472387196_20cfff71a9dd50507f8835bfe267a676)


Still undecided about whether or not I will be going.

Glasto with a torn(/no ACL) will be a fucking challenge. Think weather is going to play a huge factor in the final decision. Much as I am desperate to go, I also want to be able to walk when I’m 40. Really don’t want to do anymore damage, already been told by the doctor and physio that my chances of playing football again are ~1%.

Reckon if I do go, I’ll probably just set up camp at The Park. Line up is pretty decent there, only just noticed Ronnie Spector is playing on Friday (before Savages & Richard Hawley, lovely).

If everyone could please do their best anti-rain dances


That would be pretty rubbish if you can’t go KRG. I am already on the sun dance and just checking with inti (ancient Incan sun god) what he’s going to do about it. I have had a dodgy back and last year was a struggle. So appreciate how you don’t want to ruin yourself.