Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury 2016


We’ve just got tickets. Going to stay in the pop-up motel area. Anyone else get lucky?


Yup, KRG will be rolling around Worthy once again next year. Will be nice to do a festival with 2 knees in (hopefully) fully working order again. They’ve been a struggle this year!


Us too. 5th year in a row. Thought seetickets experience wasn’t as bad as some other years. Last year I got to payment section and they’d sold out by time mine went through.


Not for me :slight_frown:.

My Glastonbury days are over.

Beautiful Days in Devon mid August though :laughing:.

And Barcelona in April :laughing:.

And canal boat in Monmouthshire early June :laughing:.

I like a holiday me. Might try and squeeze a late booking ski trip in too.


Careful now. KRG will make vague promises of meeting up, only to spend five days fucking spannered and unable to function.


It’s a solid forecast pap.


Goatboy I like my holidays and festivals. Sometimes it’s a nightmare managing it all (those first world problems).


I got my email with links ready on the laptop last night so I could get on the case at 10am this morning. Sadly it appears everyone else was on the case at 9am this morning. :slight_frown:


:laughing:I’v got no chance really. Mrs G woke up this morning and started planning 2017 holiday to Thailand for Songkran. :laughing:


This will be my second Glastonbury. Planning on having a much more diverse experience this year, after enjoying the comedy on the Sunday night last time. The kids will be two years older, and will both be taking mates with them. intiniki and I are among a group of nine that got tickets and board together. It should be fun.


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We’ve just got tickets. Going to stay in the pop-up motel area. Anyone else get lucky?

Went once in my early 20’s, it was one to tick off, but doubt I will go again. One it is in term time and the reason I cannot go to T in the park and B I prefer Download, Sonisphere and the other end of the spectrum V. I do love the festivals though, as you get to see bands you would not normally buy tickets for and you can just chill out!


The term time aspect is a bugger. We’re actually gambling on Juvenile Unit #2’s GCSE exam schedule being done by then ( it is usually ). The first time was great, but there’s loads of stuff I’m glad to know now going back in.


When are folks heading down? If there is to be a drink/hello planned, I’d suggest Thursday. I may still be vaguely human at that point, and there’s not as much going on - so less chance of missing things.

Who are people expecting/hoping to play?

I suspect the headliners will be Foos, and Adele. Not sure on the other one, Radiohead maybe (please!!!)?

Legends slot could be interesting. How do you follow Dolly and Lionel? The front runner on the rumour front seems to be Barry Manilow, though a left-field choice could be Slade. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary next year.


There’s normally one more exam after Glastonbury. I know from experience as it’s the one I teach for. In the past I’ve had no shows as kids haven’t come back from Glastonbury in time or have spent the weekend getting spannered and not revising. That’s not the kind of detail they’re interested in during appraisal meetings.


Didn’t would have loved to have gone though, very busy next year (which is code for my wife told me to get to fuck is I was going without her).


£228 and you have no idea who you are going to see? You guys! I would have been gutted if I had paid that kind of money and ended up with Kanye West, Flo and a geriactric Who. I know there are a lot more acts but the headliners last year were hardly big draws. Whatever happened to the free festivals and the hippy dream? :cry:


Was hoping to this year, but have got a stag do and so cannot attend. Bit of an arse really.


Honestly, £228 is a bargain. 100 stages of acts of all sorts. Yeah, the hippy ideal is lovely - but sadly these things cost money.

The sheer scale of the place, and what you get for your money is staggering. If you only stay at the main stages/headliners you miss out so much, and to be honest might as well go to another festival with more money to throw at headliners.

The Glasto admission price is pretty much the going rate for a festival. Which really just highlights how poor the value of any other festival is.


That’s part of the wonder of Glastonbury, and recently at least, the festival hasn’t disappointed.

The late 90s were a slightly different story.

I’d have gone to see Kanye, but probably wouldn’t have rolled up for Flo. If the Foos had performed, I’d have seen two out of the three. Besides, I didn’t watch Kasabian last time I went. We went to watch some comedy shows instead, and had an ace time.


Again, the scale really helps. I struggle to think of any point of the festival in recent years where there is _ nothing _ I’d enjoy. There’s always something to be doing.