Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury 2016


Anyone NOT carrying an injury into the big week?

I went & strained a Thigh Muscle at work 10 days ago and the idea of trying to drag my feet through mud fills me with horror!

Pumping the Meds, Ice Packs & keeping the leg up as long as possible this weekend.

Understand your issues KRG. Don’t worry, Golf was invented for those of us with buggered knees that couldn’t play footie any longer…


So I hear.

You offering to fly me out and give me some lessons? :lou_wink:


Not such a good idea…

It’s around 45C at the moment!


Sounds about right. Was there or there abouts when I was there a few years ago.

Far too hot for my pasty complexion.

Maybe next time you are over here then :lou_smiley:


Lol finding time to get to a pub that sells 6X is tough on my trips back. Time for golf is a huge no no!

But yeah one day we could have a Golf Trip. Let’s organise it when we all meet up at Glastonbury


Let’s hope the weather holds. Pick a time that suits and find me at the park. :lou_sunglasses:


From where pap and I and friend are staying swinging by the park area is pretty easy. So fingers crossed.


I am, at the time of writing, fighting fit.

We’ve learned how to put all the tents up. It’ll be my first time camping for something like 25 years. I did the camper van thing last time out, but this year, I really can’t be arsed with the long hilly walk back after a day celebrating.

I have been assured that this is a nice, level walk not far from Gate D.

Still don’t know what I’m going to see mostly. Best way, I reckon.


Pussies…1969 IoW Festival I took a combat jacket and a large piece of polythene.


Back in 1990 no tent no sleeping bag… just my good looks and charm to help me find a warm bed each night :lou_lol:


My partner’s first glastonbury. He turned up as he was. No tent. No wondering what he got up to after Gays confessions.

Pap it’s a fairly easy walk from gate D. If I can do it with a slipped disc sure you can. It’s thr shuffling walk from the pyramid to gate D that may be an issue.


Not looking promising.

Physio this morning gave me a pretty categorical ‘no’.

Feeling really, really gutted. Obviously want to go, but really want to look after my knee :lou_sad:


If it’s a minor injury you should be able to dance it off.


Sadly, I don’t think torn cruciate ligaments can be danced off :lou_sad:

But yeah. I’m officially not going. Have fun those that are, I hate you all.


Sad times KRG. :lou_sad:

Looking forward to possibly meeting you. I was going to set you up with my partner for all the gigs you could both go to together :smile:


OK update from my pal who lives in Pilton it has been Monsoon conditions all week.

Possibly not a good place for bad knees so sad for you KRG. I’m popping every anti-inflammatory going. Slowly getting the use of mine back. Fingers crossed just need to avoid disasters


Bit early still but weather forecast is currently looking better for next week. So fingers crossed.


Honestly, all you ungrateful lot considering not going to Glasto when I couldn’t even get a ticket :lou_sad:

KRG - I will push you around if you can get your hands on a wheelchair and a carer’s pass!


Ever tried crowdsurfing in a wheelchair?

(cue some smart arse who digs out a Youtube clip. My money is on Bletch, he gets bored easily and likes a challenge)


Oh alright then…