Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury 2016



Actually, the Comedy Tent has been the scene of some of my best Glasto Memories.

Sure the Cider etc helps but it i always a great place to hang out when it is shitting down with rain :slight_smile:


So clash finder is now up to date and there is a slot for a special guest.


Corbyn has been asked to speak at the event.

If he elects to do so, he will be the first party leader to address the Glastonbury crowd. I think he’ll mostly be preaching to the converted, but it’ll be interesting if some Blairite Coldplay hardliners decide to get out of hand :lou_wink_2:


Not sure the Leftfield tent could handle the crowd so it may have to be an unannounced slot.


As long as Corbyn pays homage to that other Glasto legend Tony Benn then great, but if he spouts krap…

Meanwhile digging deeper into the announced ones, surely Ronnie Spector has to be on the Bucket List?


I’m sure he’ll give Benn his propers.

Still, can’t imagine Cameron having much to say that would come over as credible with the Glasto crowd. Except perhaps one thing.

“Hey festival goers. When I was younger, I used to say anti-establishment things.”

Crowd heckles, lots of effing and jeffing. He’s called the c-word numerous times. Finally, through the din, a single question is heard with clarity.

“What did you ever say that was anti-establishment, Dave?”

“Er, fuck the pigs?”, the PM evasively replies.


Not sure how much creedence I’d give that just yet. Looks a bit off to me.


Balance just paid off. My top tip for a cheap Glastonbury; don’t have kids.


Let your OH pay, tell her you’ll “send the money in a bit”.

She’ll never know.


You’re joking, aren’t you?

Besides, the missus turns 40 on the Monday after the festival. Not a half bad way to end your thirties. Giving her an invoice at that point might rile her up.


I’ll report back on how long it takes for her to come at me with a knife.


Full line up and times now up on glastonbury website. Hopefully minus this awful weather.


Tickets still haven’t arrived, so am starting to sweat a little bit now. I did have a look around the line ups and have concluded that I may end doing my own thing. LCD Soundsystem for me on the Sunday, I reckon.


Should be able to track tickets on see tickets site. Usually the latest they arrive is 2 weeks before.

Edit- see tickets say 19% of tickets sent out.

  1. Our tickets have arrived

  2. My mate has confirmed myself & Mrs D_P have the Visitors Bedroom (inc en suite) in his Farmhouse in Pilton Village while my mates doss in the Campervan. He is not sure the weather conditions will allow us to use the free VIP shuttle bus to the Pyramid stage though - bugger

  3. His BBQ pit is now working so we have full cooking facilities for Breakfast

Does that help Papster?


Newton Faulkner is always at Glastonbury, he has several sets. Does he live there permanently?!

Papsweb meet on Sunday, Sonic Stage 20:00 hours?


Originally posted by @pap

LCD Soundsystem for me on the Sunday, I reckon.

You’d be a maniac not to.

Mbongwana Star worth seeing too,


OK gang. Help.

Normally I can find names that I have heard of before scattered around but this year, who the hell are all these people appearing at Glasto?

I’m an old rocker - 80’s Stadium stuff floats my boat (as does classic Disco/Soul/Motown and even Bruno & Pharrell) and I like my more recent Indie. I have enjoyed watching the likes of Rihanna and have Dad danced the night away to Nile Rodgers. But who the feck is PJ Harvey? (Asked a radio DJ Mate of mine to check her up and he came back to say she is not even on the play-list of the local Radio One - since EVER.

2 years ago our favourite find was Don Cavalli up in the Park closely followed by Mike Batt & Co. So we love a bit of a Womble around

This year, because I am happily Married and wish to stay that way, I will be accompanying Mrs D_P to watch Adele & Coldplay. I will in compensation be dragging her along by the hair screaming to introduce her to Muse live. I will mourn missing New Order (Top of my Bucket List) but I am sure with the right counselling & medication I will get over it in the next decade.

Then it all gets foggy. Jess Glynne, ELO, Madness, Lumineers, of Monsters & Men are on our probable list. And love the idea of a Sotonians meet up for Craig David wearing our Saints shirts! (Ghey but wtf)

But outside of that, Who Should we go to see?

And no, the Pyramid Headliners aren’t negotiable, and no, thise who have met Mrs D_P would understand why we will go to see those acts:)



I’ve got one PJ Harvey album from back in the day when I used to Quite Like Music, it is called Stories From City or Something, and back in the day I used to think it was Quite Gd, and I saw her at Reading Festival, or V Festival, it was one of the two, and she wore sex boots and I could’ve jacked it, if I weren’t in crowd + Mixed Company.

In Other News I live near Toad Hall from Wind In Willows, and there was a festival there at weekend, so I went. It was awful. The Feeling were headlining, and they are Glastonbury, but don’t bother. They were Awful. There was one band that I thought was Quite Good. They was called Preacher’s Son. They was Not Awful. I don’t know if they are Glastonbury tho RIP.


The Feeling showed up and sounded awful? :astonished: