Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury 2016


He is fine, well he posted on Facebook and Istagram an hour ago, looking like he had had a great weekend…


it’ll only be a matter of time before subscriptions are introduced to pay for these sort of jollies.


It’s already more expensive than Saintweb, if you factor in all the money you have to pay out everytime FC changes name.


I am so glad he got to see Adele and Coldplay. Presume he is still lying in a puddle of his own aural cum


I saw some of glastonbury on TV. I saw bout 10 minutes of band called CVRCHES, who caught my attention cos singer was young fit looking bird. Then I saw there was two fat old men behind her playing awful synth music, and I lost interest somewhat. Then gf was watching Adele on iPlayer, so I watched 3 mins of that. It was awful. I hate it when ppl talk to the crowd. Then I tried to watch some of Muse, cos I used to quite like them, then I remembered why I don’t like them anymore, and i turned it Off. The worst thing about Muse, other than their music, is how they have their names mixed up. The fat bassist guy, who nods his head constantly, should be called Dom, and the weedy drummer guy, he should be called Chris, but they have it the other way round. Doesn’t make sense.


Last time I saw him the car was stuck in mud and a tractor was coming to help. Good weekend had by all in our sotonian /scouse / South African group. :lou_sunglasses:

Though we are now stuck on the a303.


Now there is an image that I will struggle to get out of my head!


You have to want to get it out of your head! :lou_wink_2:


At services on the M5. No time for a full update.

Saw Jess Glynn, Foals & Muse. Liked Foals the most out of those.

Only saw one act in full on Saturday. Adele. No expectations, but she’s a charmer and good at what she does.

Yesterday, caught Of Monsters And Men, PJ Harvey and LCD Soundsystem. Fell in love with PJ, but LCD were the highlight, band wise, for me.


yeah yeah yeah


TBF Coldplay were quit good in the Superbowl half time show…


"Daffodils" by Chris Martin (age 39)

I wander’d lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of golden daffodils,
Beside the lake, beneath the trees
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

And they was all yellow.


Yellow is a great song. Chris Martin is what my Gran would have bought me in the 80’s for Christmas if I’d asked for Bono.

Its surely the peak of any recording artists career for them to play a song infront of an audience and for them to all look slightly up and to the left whlst they search their minds for where they know it from. Its usually a charity advert, hold music or the background music on Grandstand for ‘what we have coming up on the show for you today’.

No shit , I’m on hold to teh local private hospital at the moment and they are playing the first 4 bars of ‘clocks’ over and over and over and over


Bloody imigrants blocking up the old phone lines…this time next week we’ll have £350m of new phone system.

#335 round the pool is mainly pumping euro beat stuff but on the playlist are both Clocks and the theme tune from Game of Thrones!


To be fair to Chris Martin, most people think he’s a nob, but what he did last night for Viola Beach was inspired and a moment I don’t think anyone will ever forget.

Then the Bee Gee - Staying Alive did cause me to lose it.

And what a moment for all us Karaoke singers to see an old farther get on stage to close the set.

Singing My Way backed by Coldplay. Hope for us all there.

Nice one Michael


I’m back on planet Earth.

The good
LCD Soundsystem, PJ Harvey, Adele, Of Monsters and Men and Foals. The DJs in the smaller venues were also excellent. Saw a brilliant soul set over in William’s Green.

Visiting places I didn’t get to visit last time, such as Arcadia, John Peel (I still technically haven’t been to the old one - they moved it this year). I did the drop slide, (far easier than it looks when you see people chicken out and turn back).

All and any arguments our group had were done and dusted by the end of night one. Didn’t get any festival shits, which stopped any festival shitty bollocks.

Watching the sunrise over the festival on Sunday morning.

The sun, when it came out. It did so more than the pictures eagerly shared by jealous motherfuckers on the Internet would suggest. The damage was already done though, and it just wasn’t about enough to be able to make any lasting positive impact on the situation. I’ve got a tan and a load of newly bleached blonde strands to prove it.

The bad

Glastonbury has become something of a status symbol now. It’s the biggest festival in the country, the most impressive notch on the brag post. I’ll not deny that this was part of the attraction for me, but I mostly wanted to take the family there.

It seems to be an even bigger victims of its own success than I observed in 2014. The Eavis’ do a lot of work to promote ecological and socialist initiatives there, but let’s face it, the huge mob of young lads fucked up on cocktails of chemicals from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave are hardly likely to be camping out in the Leftfield listening to Billy Bragg.

Seems to be a lot more pushing in the crowds, etc. The missus reported a bunch of lads shouting charge after a stage packed out and bundled through a family.

I went out on my own on Saturday night because the rest of the party were (ahem) not really into the same things as me. For the first time, I got random comments off people. Someone called me Gandalf, which was nice. Another referred to me as Wayne’s World, which was of course insulting. Being compared to a mullet handler when you’ve put the full growth in is demeaning. Still met and chatted to loads of random people, but the random comments weren’t coming from a nice place. More importantly, since when do people rocking long hair and beards get openly mocked at Glastonbury?

I took it all in good humour, because I recognise that young people can be dicks, especially if they’re wearing Ben Sherman, coked up and in a little group. Most first-timers wouldn’t have expected to find that particular variety roaming around at Glasto, but there they were, and in greater numbers.

Compare and contrast with another random, who, for no apparent reason, ran his fingers through my hair as he walked past me on the railroad path. I wasn’t offended by that at all. He was tripping balls, there are a lot of posers who’ll don a wig for the event. He wanted to see if it was real. That is totally Glastonbury. No problem there.

The messy
The mud was hard work, much more so than in 2014. It makes every walk longer, people that little bit more narked and can lead to falls. Had a minor one myself but saved myself at the expense of some messy manacles.

I found myself having great respect for anyone still on the campsite this morning. People were scared that they’d never get out. Some people even skipped the whole of Sunday, which ain’t great, although I can understand people failing to be inspired with Chris Martin talking bollocks on the Pyramid and wanting to establish a minimum safe distance.

Will post more on this in a bit, but I believe that there is rather a lot to catch up on all over the site :lou_sunglasses:


A festival that I do want to go to with the whole family as well. Might have to wait a few years as I want Fraser to be a little bit older. Also with a teacher in the family, it might be a little tough to ever do it.

Sounds like you had a cracking time :lou_lol:


Just reminds me of the cup final 2003 :cool:. Great tune, their debut album was great. Saw them in June 2005 at Cystal Palace. They were bloody good then.


It’s more of a brown colour, IIRC.