Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury 2016


Well Adele is surprisingly (or not) out of tune considering how massively popular and wealthy she has become.


Chvrches have been good. I’m not overly familiar with them. I like them. She’s very sweet.


I am masturbating.


Have you finished?


i have finished! With considerable success as well. Been impressed by what I saw of New Order. Mercury Rev just starting up…he needs to sort the vocals or I won’t be able to masturbate to this.


He’s got a lot better. I do like Mercury Rev.


Fatboy Slim is doing the kind of set I wished he’d done at Common People last year, which was some sort of soulless hard techno.


Did you manage to masturbate to it, JBoy? I eventually produced a dribble for Mercury Rev.


Mercury Rev are so unique and out there, his voice is a bit tho




I watched Adele on TV last night…the missus likes her so we sat down and let it run. Not to my normal taste but I am familiar with her stuff as I have let to my other half have some of her choices on the memory stick in the car.

First and foremost is she’s a natural communicator, she also has a pleasant singing voice. I chuckled along with the banter and can appreciate she’s an engaging character. Pleasant easy listening but I did doze off a couple of times.

Not sure I will bother with Coldplay but after Soggies review a couple of weeks ago I might just dip in to see what their show is like.


Saw the end of their set whilst hanging put with Jarvis Cocker. As you do. :lou_wink_2:


THAT is why we love Glasto. Finding new bands. You can plan but then crowds & mud leave you seeing someone new. Night Beats, Foals & Tame Impala so far.

Then you get to see Potty Mouth smash it to new heights.

We just watched a girl singing in a wooden shedo down in Circus field. With a marching Kazoo band going by!

Wonderful stuff


If they do the same set and stick with the same production I am sure you will enjoy Coldplay. Unless of course you don’t like Coldplay! They just seem to be a bunch of normal blokes who have hit the motherload and can’t believe their luck. I have seen them several times now and they always put on a decent and energetic show. And of course Will the drummer is a Saints fan. You will love the light show to Yellow! My daughter was going to see Earth Wind and Fire instead tonight as she saw Coldplay with me the other week. Judging from recent texts though it looks like she is having second thoughts! I saw Foals mentioned earlier. They are my daughters favourite band and she keeps sending me their CDs. Good band. For those there, enjoy the last day and don’t let the mud get you down. Sadly we have had a few drops of rain but it is still about 36c and lying on a beach in Crete is no hardship! :sunglasses:


Daughter just text to say gone to see The Bootleg Beatles but can’t get in the tent as its so full!


:lou_facepalm_2: Sorry but I find that very sad…ok maybe a bit over the top…but no matter how good they might be there are always worthy newcomers needy of support and acknowlegement at an important showcase like Glasto.

Just a personal view.


A surviving day tbh

We made it through the weird fields & Paul Heaton gave us a great Beautiful South set.

But the mud from there to Pyramid was a mare. Cloying gloomy boot sacking trudge. Almost sapped the soul out the legs…

ELO loved the set. Ellie Goulding was fit. Oops sorry entertaining. Beck is boring but stuck at the top of the field for an easier exit after Coldplay.

Wanted to see EWF but the idea of that mud at midnight for an hour… nope.

Still loving it though!


Just watching ELO on highlight, top set


:lou_lol: Up voted you for the Paul Heaton comment but you very nearly lost it for the “Beck is boring” comment…hmmm. :lou_wink_2:


Seen Laura Mvula, Michael Kiwanuka, Kwabs and St Etienne so far. I stood up awkwardly earlier and have aggravated my slipped disc which is making it tricky. Think we will do the easy Coldplay option. Then head to greenfield and find a fire and drink the rest of our rum.