Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury 2016


Nightmare journey. 28 miles in 35 minutes to The Strode Arms just outside Shelton. VVIP Pass in the window. Ham egg & chips on the way & 6X on tap.

Nice BBQ planned for tonight with a case of wines after a 10 minute stroll from our pad to the Pyramid Stage…

I had a row at the car rental companies at Stansted & got upgraded to a Jeep Renegade. Gonna make enough to pay my bar bill towing people out the mud!


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Pap why the fuck are you on here?

because he turned up a day too early and has got fuck all else to do but sit around in the swamp


Just because the bands aren’t on the big stages doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do.

Failing that, get tucked into the disco treats.


True, you could

1 sit in the swamp and drink

2 sit in the swamp and pretend that this is really cool

3 sit in the swamp and go onto social media to remind everyone that you are sitting in a swamp at glastonbury


Pap has been shaking Billy Bragg’s hand in the green fields. We are managing the mud.


As if his day couldn’t get any worse


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1 sit in the swamp and drink

2 sit in the swamp and pretend that this is really cool

3 sit in the swamp and go onto social media to remind everyone that you are sitting in a swamp at glastonbury

Yeah, it’s weird. It’s been a few years since I’ve missed one and the prevalance of portable chargers has meant a lot more smart phones being used, and subsequently more Facebook posts and the like.

I don’t get it. If you are at Glastonbury and on Facebook/Social Media - you are doing it wrong. I don’t take a smart phone, I take a shitty old phone that lasts 2 weeks (how novel!) and has no internet. Part of the fun is being cut off from the world - Glastonbury in particular does feel like another planet (there may be other things helping this).

But hey, that’s just me.


ha ha ha.that will do it! brilliant!


Ah bless rain.

And a delayed James.

Didn’t need to rush this morning. Oh we didn’t. Got a lift to the main gate in my mates Range Rover #save the planet

#green Glasto

Seen much worse mud tbh


Parked up in the Park for a few hours

Only had 10 people tell us Radio head are doing a secret gig here.heard that every time I’ve been…


I cannot claim the sort of long term knowledge of long time festival goers, but I reckon I’m a quick learner.

If you’re doing Glastonbury right, I don’t think it involves zooming about to every band you have to see. It’s about learning to go with the flow, and knowing when to stay the fuck put.

Mostly though it’s about the possibilities. This is one of the craziest festivals ever. We buy tickets for a gig where we don’t know who the acts are, with a known reputation for inclement weather.

The sun breaking through the clouds at the Pyramid stage is something else.


As were ZZ Top Pap.

Weird day soaked frozen overheating soaked…

Saw some teenager in a retro Saints Shirt AND shorts while wandering around last night.

Got some ITS knowledge as well.

The Other Stage is the biggest. The Pyramid Stage has been sold to Dubai & there will be a brand new Pyramid Stage next year.



MUSE on the red button, fantastic!


ZZ Top looked cool, then again they always do.


Muse were paint by numbers shit.


That’s mean pap, how’s the poor girl going to get laid with Dad handcuffed to her all weekend? Tut.


How’s Pap going to get laid more like!

No amount of sweets will keep that secret.

What happens in the tent stays in the tent.


I was quite near the front for Muse. Managed to stay put and not freak out in the crowd. Which is always good. I enjoyed them with all the theatrical style they have (it is a bit ott) so did everyone around me.


As mentioned before, I think they are vey over the top, but live they tick many boxes for me. As a 3 piece the sound they create is amazing. One of the most underrated guitarist out there. Also underrated as an all round musician. I also like their political side as it is something you can relate to in many aspects of your own life.

But of course the great thing about music is it is about personal taste, even if I find it hard to believe that people do not like them!


Its a corporate shitstorm of Tarquins and Veronicas from Surrey and Cheshire, the bands this year are gash as well.
That said I would like to go again but only to laugh at how middle class and safe its become.