Giving Is Saintly

Giving Is Saintly


:lou_lol: Go Bob…


Cheers @lifeintheslowlane , have just posted it to the other (correct) thread.


Bump for Chutters


Hey @goatboy , have you got any of those badges left?


Yes sirree. PM me your address and I’ll post you one.

I will in no way stake out your house and make copious notes whilst wearing naughty underwear.


Maybe we should do an updated badge for this season with the broad white stripe down the center?


Just as well really. The Ayatollah would bitch slap you up and down the street.




Stop it!


What’s the going rate for the badges Goat?

Some of us newbies may want one.

A “friend” asked how much you charge for your special stake-outs…



Coming soon to the charity thread: the new updated sotonians pin badge:

If there are no objections I think I’ll go with a new type of fastener this year as I found the other ones too fiddly. Double butterfly clutches like these?:


Badges and stakeouts can be had for a small donation to the just giving page. You decide how much. I can post them to wherever FOC and I usually have a few on me for the matchday meet ups. New design (see above) should be here towards the end of August. If you want either or both badges just PM your request and your address and I will sort it for you.


Just a thought - how about putting the year on the bottom “2017 / 18”


Can do if people would prefer it. I tend not to put dates on many designs as then they only sell for that year but as it’s kit dependent I suppose it would make no difference. What do people think ? I was thinking maybe we could start doing 1 per season reflecting the kit anyway but if you want the date on it it’s no problem.


Like the badge, not so keen on the double butterfly clutches though, is a single clutch an option??


The problem with having a single clutch is that the badge then spins rather than staying the right way up.

God my life is interesting.


I did think of that, honest!!


Go book a room you two



I’ll keep a tab here of who wants badges otherwise I’ll forget! Don’t forget to let me know your shipping address or if you can pick up on matchday.

Cobham Saint: 1 old + 1 new. Many thanks for the donation…address supplied.


Update: I have had to do the new badges slightly bigger than the old ones (only by a few mm so not dinner plate size) in order to get all the stripe detail in.

I have also ordered matching keyrings for those of you not fussed about pin badges.

I’ll add one of those to your parcel when they arrive Cobham Saint.