Giving Is Saintly

Giving Is Saintly


Nice one @goatboy



New badges and keyrings have now been manufactured and are due to arrive on Tuesday/Wednesday.

As soon as they get here I will pop some photos on here.

Please pm me your address/orders and feel free to make a donation of your choosing here:


MIght need to get one Goaty as ‘lost’ my original one :lou_surprised:


Now in stock.


Well send the fuckers out then @goatboy



Packed and ready to post in the morning.


Save a badge for the big nipple Goat


I thought you were a big nipple Ferret?


The special merchandise has been received @goatboy - cheers.

The Sotonians “businesses” card made me chuckle.

The tight-fisted bastards who haven’t donated yet will have to buy a badge to see what I mean



Many thanks to all for your kind donations through the World Cup Sweepstake.
Current total stands at £1720 + 273.71 gift aid.

Next up we have Areola’s renaming ceremony and there are also some new Sotonian badges due in approx 3 weeks for anyone who would like one.


Nice one, @Goatboy.

It’s a real ball-ache to handle loads of anonymous payments going through your bank, ask Harry Redknapp (and his dog).

And well done Sotonians!


Thanks Matt, a job well done, despite your poor tack record in handling other people’s money.
Nice to see you’ve finally turned the corner. :lou_wink:


I should win something for having the most successful saints player at the tournament.


Top job, Matt.


Dear Matthew,

My name is Vicky and I am the Community Fundraising Officer at Southampton Hospital Charity. I have come across your Just Giving page and wanted to get in touch to say a huge thank you for all your support.

I have had a read of your Just Giving page and also saw the linked Saints FC forum website which looks like a great community, but I am still not 100% sure exactly what activities you organise to raise the funds you so frequently deposit into the Just Giving page. It would be great to hear from you to hear all about your previous and future fundraising events and perhaps we can see if we can support you with any resources in the future?

Keep up the amazing work – and thank you again for all of your support. We really couldn’t deliver the same level of care to the patients and their families without the incredible generosity of our amazing supporters.

Kind regards,

Vicky O’Flaherty

Community Fundraising Officer, Southampton Hospital Charity



Firstly that’s fantastic. But secondly please cc us on your explanation of @Map-Of-Tasmania changing his name for cash.

This I’ve got to see.


lol, I did think about just saying: Basically we are increasingly cunty to each other and pay for the privilege.
I will post my response :lou_wink_2:


Shit yeah must soon be time for the me to bend over and take the proverbial forum cock… Been distracted by Brexit shenanigans … must get to it before the season starts… slightly different rules this year…


There you go @Goatboy. There’s a quote you can use in your response. It’s writing itself.