:cash: :halo: Giving Is Saintly

I am currently having enamel badges made for the founding centurions of sotonians.com, due to be completed in approx 4 weeks…

There is no charge for the badges but if you would like to make a charitable donation your generosity will be much appreciated.

Badges can be collected at drinks meet ups throughout the season or posted out.

I will attach a poll to decide which charity we select (3 of my preferred charities) and suggest that we fund raise for the chosen charity for the duration of season 2015/16.

All suggestions for fundraising welcome.

All other suggestions for selected charities welcome (pap, can you add to the poll as necessary?)

I will set up a Just Giving page when the charity has been selected.

Many Thanks.

  • British Heart Foundation
  • A Helping Hand (Children’s charity at Southampton General Hospital)
  • Saints Foundation

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Aw, Goatboy, that’s an awesome thing to do!


I’m probably still going to hell, as long as they let me in with these trainers on.

I hope you have filled in risk assessments for the badges. The pins on then can be very dangerous and if you are responsible for injuring sotonians then I think pap should take action (banning)


scandalous the lengths gb will go to secure upvotes. probably end up giving out handjobs!

I still want my badge tho! What is they look like?


I hope he fills in risk assessments for any hand jobs given out.

I shall be taking no such action. I’ve been a huge fan of the badge idea from the start, not least because it will allow people to identify each other at pub meets without everyone looking for a miniature Mr It.

Do I smell fear, Lone Wolf? Is the badge thing a step too far, too much inclusion in the pack? :laughing:

I’ve heard they’re fucking massive, like dinner plates. Ur all gonna look a right bunch of twats at the Farmhouse, wearing ur fucking massive sotonians badges


I think Bearsy should have to come to the Farmhouse if he wants his…


They will look like this:


Lol, yep approx 25cm diameter :wink:

Originally posted by @Goatboy

They will look like this:

That is so cool!

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well, I want nothing to do with any of this. You lot can wear your shoddily produced badges and prick yourselves as much as you like. Lots of pricks.

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I’ll probably turn up at the pub just as the badge is making its way back home in Gay Boot’s pocket.

Nice touch GB!


So how many are there? :wink:

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Even if you don’t want to claim your badge due to safety reasons, your donation is still welcome Fatso.

Fatso, you’re so cute when you’re being a dick!

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Originally posted by @Smiler

So how many are there? :wink:

Led to believe there are 87 :laughing:

I downied you, Lou for saying I’m being a dick. I actually found that comment quite hurtful. I’m just trying to look out for people. I tell you what, I’ll wear a badge and donate if the charity is changed to “Supporting Stabbed Sotonians”, a newly registered charity I have launched in the face of this new threat.

I was paying you a compliment!

But OK, not a problem to set up your new charity, we’ll just need to know a few details to register you, such as, what was your username on The Other Place…