Giving Is Saintly

Giving Is Saintly


Kid surely?


Ouch…that sounds bloody painful Matt…good to hear all the soft bits are in good order. Tell him the new manager is going to be a step up on the old one…that should cheer him up.

Get well soon little goatlet. :lou_smiley:


hope the little one is ok, goaty.


Mate, all the best to you and yours.

Here’s to a speedy recovery!


Shit Gboy, don’t post anymore for obvious Pap reasons but lurk and saw this and as a father thought sh!t. All the best!.Hope for a full recovery. Best wishes.


He’s a she but cheers John.


It certainly puts things into perspective Tokes. She’s going to be fine in 6-8 weeks thank god or whoever. I’ll let her know that she forced you out of retirement :lou_wink_2: :lou_lol:


Not so obvious, Toke.

You’re missed fella.


Anyone else think it suspicious that goatster is now benefiting from the charity he raised funds for?

Hope the police and social services are involved, and that the police open the back of that van of his. There are grieving Ukrainian and Polish parents that deserve to know the truth.


To think I changed my name to help real kids in need …


Do all parents get these Tom Ford pyjamas and Courvoisier nightcap? Who said the NHS is in trouble!?


She did say she would be OK waiting on the bank! To early?


Originally posted by @Tokyo-Saint

Shit Gboy, don’t post anymore for obvious Pap reasons but lurk and saw this and as a father thought sh!t. All the best!.Hope for a full recovery. Best wishes.

This would have been better had the poster just wished best wishes.

Best wishes.


Jesus goat I’m so sorry to hear that. Not a dad myself, can’t imagine how that was.

Here’s to a super speedy recovery to the young one.


Ouch - just read that. All the best, goat family


Thought I had done with my bum cleaning duties but it appears not.

8th day in hospital today and kid goat told they are going to start trying to get her out of bed on Tuesday.

She is happy.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes :lou_smiley:


Kudos, Goatboy. I knew you were feeling bad about this when I got the PM earlier in the week, so much respect for sharing.

As a parent, it’s always difficult seeing your kids hurt or in hospital, especially if there’s something you reckon you could have done to avert it. I doubt that many of this forum are experts on canal clearance height. It could have happened to anyone. It is such a disarmingly peaceful environment. You’re not expecting trouble, especially if you’re on the boat.

Sorry it happened to Kid Goat - but am very glad to hear about her powers of recovery. At that age, she should heal completely. I’m sure you and the missus have had a torrid time of it already, Don’t beat yourselves up over it any more than you already have.


It’s ok, I’ll do what I usually do and blame Mrs G :lou_wink_2:


Bloody hell Goat - I feel sick reading that too, just awful buddy. Insane thing to say but shes a lucky girl. A speedy recovery to her and a speedy recovery to you and Mrs Goat too, you must both have gone through hell.

Not sure why that woman in the photo above needs restraining with a rope


Did she get knocked off or dragged under the bridge, whatever it sounds bloody painful and best wishes to her completly.

Reading on looks like she’s on the road to recovery, bet she won’t get on a barge roof again!!