Giving Is Saintly

Giving Is Saintly


Running total now stands at £400!

Well done Sotonians. Nearly half way there! :laughing:


I now feel I belong - badge arrived.


Mine too. And I got some free bubble wrap which was a lovely surprise!


Originally posted by @Spudders

Mine too. And I got some free bubble wrap which was a lovely surprise!

Spudders! Don’t tell everyone!


Goat, remember I told you how I’d much prefer to pick up my badge, in person, whilst finally meeting up with my fellow sotonians at at one of the pre/post-match drinking sessions.

Yeah, well, that was before Spudders told us about the free bubble wrap …


I’ll have Halo’s bubble wrap! :smile:


I can see Halo now standing in a quiet corner of a pub…facing the wall contentedly popping his free bubble wrap.

Ahhh, sweet. :lou_smiley:


The bubble wrap was less exciting than the business card with the Goat’s exclusive number… :lou_is_a_flirt:


I have just recieved the badge at Heathrow cheers all


One less for me to leave in a phone box :lou_wink:


Halo dont use this as another excuse for not showing up at a matchday drinkup. We need to meet the legend that is you, the great dispenser of merriment! Plus its your round.


Thanks for your kind words, Bucks!

3 points:

  1. Legend? No, Bucks, I’m just like any other man
    … in Greek Mythology.
  2. I’m actually a miserable bastard in real life.
    2.1. I don’t buy rounds.


Halo, taking your points in turn:

  1. Humility is a highly desirable attribute and simply adds to the Legend. Brilliant.

  2. We will be the judge of that, but in any event, that is an often-claimed title and the benchmark is already set pretty low. Turn up and we will take it from there.

2.1. Again, hardly a unique claim. Must try harder.


As we have a few new members I thought I would bump this thread.

Anyone who would like one of the founding centurion enamel badges:

please pm your name and address and I will post one out to you.

Or feel free to meet up on one of the matchday drinks meets and collect one in person.

All donations to the sotonians charity fund gratefully received:

Cheers me dears.


These are magic badges… that make even the most fat miserable boring syphilitic puss riddled twat… turn into the most cool as fuck person … just by helping a few kids in hospital, fuck, it worked for me :lou_surprised:

So dig deep and give £20 and cure yourself new dudes :lou_smiley:


I can also vouch for the magical qualities of these Sotonian Centurian Badges as I wore mine today and not only did we buy Charlie Austin but James Ward-Prowse also scored two goals.

This NEVER happend before I owned one of these badges. :lou_lol:


As I am currently spending another night in Southampton’s Children Hospital I thought I would extend my gratitude for all of your generous donations.

Despite kid goat being thrown down mountains on skis and swimming with sharks and stingrays, she has been undone by a 1 mile per hour cruise on a canal boat.

She shouldn’t have been on the roof and we should have spotted how low the bridge was.

16 tonne boat + stone bridge + 5 stone 11 year old = only one loser.

She was very lucky to escape with a pelvis fractured in 4 places but no organ damage.

Makes me sick just thinking about it.

Anyway, many thanks all. I will try not to waste it all while I’m here.

Now where’s that takeaway menu? Nurse!


Jeez Goaty, thats terrible. Speedy recovery wished to yours. :lou_sad:


Hope she recovers quickly Goatboy. Sounds awful :confused:


Sorry to here this goat and mini goat. I hope that she mends quickly! Enjoy your takeaway fella.