Giving Is Saintly

Giving Is Saintly


Done - best get the old Just giving link ready Goaty… the thought of that nice young lady from the hospital reading the shit we post on here is worrying …:open_mouth::hushed::hushed::astonished:


Perhaps in that case we should be suggesting names that are…sort of…fluffy and bunny-like?


Or more medical / anatomical?


Sort of like…Cuntry Boy.


That’s the fella :grinning:


Oppps…sorry about the speller.


If they’re going to offer “resources” to help raise funds then put me down for a couple of cases of Chateauneuf du Pape * 2003

*Not to be confused with any sort of home brew concocted in a bucket by @pap


New badges are now in stock. Simple and classy, I think they look particularly good on a denim jacket but flowery shirt may work just as well.
Double pins to stop them spinning and for added security.

If you would like one then please let me know and I can either post or bring to meet up when the season starts.
Any donation welcome. A couple of quid will cover my costs/postage :lou_wink_2:


I will probably get some in yellow and blue next month if anyone would like one.


Like that idea. The old keyring in yellow and blue would be nice as well.
One of each that you chose to do please.


Just paid for a new badge…I likee. :+1:


Great job @Goatboy! I’m in.

Can I put in a request for a paisley one?



No. Just no.


Is that cash (inc postage) to the just giving site ,or to your own account where you’re “babysitting” all of the Charidee money?

Honest question.


Directly to the Just Giving site.


Someone I know shared this. Kids who are taken into care rarely have a suitcase to put their clothes/belongings in.
This charity provides a bag fora child when you buy one.


Just seen this. Looks great. I’m even tempted. I do like a nice enamel badge.


When are you sending them out GB…I bought one the day you announced the new one. :lou_lol:


Soz John. Busy week! In the post tomorrow.


Sotonian away badge now available.