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:camera: General photos - scenery anywhere!


Nah you should. I did group work with some mum’s a few years ago. I took them out on the common and got them taking photos. Later they had an exhibition of their work they’d done including printing and some of the photos sold. So always worth showing off your photos :slight_smile:


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Colombia, 2005, 3 boys at a memorial for teachers/trade unionists killed

Great picture Niki…even without the caption…it’s a lovely study


Never be afraid to show your pix - unless your name is Bearsy or Goat and they are on your phone.


Always keep your eyes open for the ladies in Venice…May 2012…


Some amazing snaps here peeps


You guys have inspired me to upload a few of my own shots, though they’re probably not as professional quality as of many of yours, I do still enjoy an amateur appreciation of camera work.

I am a particular fan of macro photography. I like to get up close and personal, and attempt to capture detail in wildlife that we would ordinarily miss with the naked eye. I have a particular love for animals, though I hasten to add that my relationships with them, unlike the prime minister – are strictly platonic.

First, a few from the farm…


An English Summer in the countryside…


And finally for now – some nice shots I took from my recent trip to visit Goatboy and his family…

Open wide…

Goatboy prepares to accept something into his mouth – for the sake of discretion – we’ll pretend it was a handful of grass. :lou_wink_2:


Ohh, I almost forgot…

"Going once…

going twice…

going three times…

aaaannd SOLD!

To the Prime Minister of England…"


Nice Jack - My first love is the animals - the photography merely lets me look at them in more detail - the macro stuff is great for that. Been ages since I’ve been able to get out and properly do any Macro



Lisbon April 2015…


Impressive cock there Jack!

Well someone had to say it. :lou_wink:


Thanks mate. I’m proud of my immaculately presented plumage. Such a colourful array. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Scooter rallies:


I never had a scooter although most of my mates did. When I was 17 my gay great uncle bought me one of these…

an Austin A35…no he didn’t want anything in return.

This is my fair weather drive now…


You guys are amazing- really interesting and inspiring stuff - I have a ‘film’ Canon EOS 600 from about 1992 - which I struggle to find bateries for now… ;-(

I am sadly a snapper on the iPhone and the following were taken in Tuscanylast summer… only really of interest to me, but hey.


You must’ve seen this guy coming.

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But not if he saw you first.

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‘Hide and seek’ 2008 or so - this sproglet is now 11 going on 17…


This is a lovely photo.


Some more feathered friends: