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:camera: General photos - scenery anywhere!


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Most of the time I miss but occasionally it gells. :lou_smiley:

So you’re the Sadio Mane of street photography.

And this shot was the winner after coming from behind against Liverpool. :lou_wink_2:

It may have taken a few months of running around with little to show for your efforts, but in the end – you nailed it.


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Originally posted by lifeintheslowlane

Most of the time I miss but occasionally it gells. :lou_smiley:

So you’re the Sadio Mane of street photography.

Ha! could be right…although I do smile a bit more than him. :lou_wink_2:


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I was looking back thought this topic last night, before sleep. Impressive. You guys have been to some amazing places (and captured some beautiful images of them).

Goatboy – is there anywhere beautiful and exotic that you haven’t been? :lou_surprised:

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Why, when the “constrain proportions” box is ticked by default when sizing the pictures to fit the page, does the software always fail to “constrain proportions” and screw up your pictures? :lou_facepalm_2:

+1. This is so annoying.

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November 2015…Winchester…

This is a most excellent high-res black and white still, lifeintheslowlane. The detail is superb. Like you’ve captured a little piece of time, standing still, and now forever on hold.

November 2015 you say – but it looks like it’s from another time, another era.

Myleene Klass.


Cant seem to post photos and many on here are just little x’s in the left hand corner which wont open? Grrrrrrr.


I quite like taking photos of birds and animals.

This one was taken on my phone. He wasn’t a shy squirrel!


Any tips for street photography ? I was told once that the real key was a fair;ly short or prime lens - get in amongst it , the temptation would be to long lens it


Sports photography would be something I’d love to have a go at - would love to sit in the press area and take photos of a saints game - Took a few a the olympics

Blade Runner London 2012 400m 1st round

Jessica Ennis long jump Sat 4th

Sean Fraser


Wide or prime lens although I use a short/medium zoom. Here’s a google link to The Decisive Moment easy to understand, not so easy to execute.



Camera doesn’t matter what kind…this one on my Sony RX100 point ‘n’ shoot…Carlisle Bay, Barbados 2014…


Rallyboy is your man for sports photography tips. He may charge though.


Can’t see your photos as work LITSL

The decisive moment - interesting concept. Wil lhave a think about that.

Perhaps a little sadly, but saints related. The image that poped into my head when reading was the one of Rickie shoulder height surrounded by crowds when we went up. That was a beautifully taken photo and was absolutely a ‘decisive moment’ image.

Wish I could take photos of people, not sure why but just never seems to gel, whereas the animals come easier.

Have a thing for very shallow DoF at the moment


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Have a thing for very shallow DoF at the moment

You know you can do that with the appropriate software. :lou_wink_2:

If you’re serious about photography you should invest in Adobe Photoshop. I pay a monthly subscription to rent Photoshop CC which is the full version (gives you Adobe Lightroom too) for £7.95 a month…bargain.


I use Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and for just general uploading and tweaking Aperture

Not sure how much more I’d get from full photoshop over elements which has come on a ton since its first iterations


Yeah Photoshop is quite a steep learning curve and Lightroom will probably give you all you need. I was lucky because when I took early pay-off from my career in Mapmaking 20 years ago I wangled a free years course in Graphic Design which incorporated training in Photoshop and Illustrator.

I would however recommend shooting in RAW format (if your camera has it) as it allows you to recover so much that you might otherwise lose shooting .jpg.


I only ever shoot in RAW :slight_smile: use a Canon 7d


I’m obviously already preaching to the converted. :lou_lol:


Without wanting to get too controversial, jpeg should do you for most things.

It should be a very rare occasion when you find yourself shooting images that can only be salvaged in RAW.

I’ve seen some astonishing demo images saved in Lightroom from six stops out, but the high asa numbers available now with little noise mean most things are possible at the point of taking.

Nice Olympics shots - swimming isn’t an easy one.


I understand RB. I learned photography a really weird way round though - I started with astro photography.

To get shots like the orion nebula over the page I took about 4 hours of 10 minute exposures. Stacked them and subtracted dark frames. As you would expect most of teh data is waaay down the left side of the curve and any data loss is bad news. Processing one of those images takes hours.

Converting to normal photography was a huge culture shock after that 1/1000 of a second compared to 4 hours ! - It certainly meant I understood light better.

The sport shots in no way were supposed to be half decent, its just my amateur stab because I happened to be going so took my long lens. I would love the chance to learn it properly.

We went to the paralympic swimming - it was just breathtaking watching what they could do despite their disabilities




used to take more photos of people. Don’t so much now. Don’t even take many at parties (which I did a lot of as Pap may confirm)

Colombia, 2005, 3 boys at a memorial for teachers/trade unionists killed

Portugal 2007

Chincero, Peru, 2008

Rio. Brazil, 2008


Can’t post my snaps after these pro pics…