📷 General photos - scenery anywhere!

:camera: General photos - scenery anywhere!


I thought it was about time to set up a general photos page. A page for photos that you have taken, of scenery, Mother Nature and the like.

I will post a couple later, but will leave this up to you guys mainly.


Took this in Hiroshima a couple of years ago.


And this…

Epicentre of a nuclear bomb in case you thought I was just taking pics of lazy Japanese council extersions.






Cholula. Two weeks later.


Me in Bansko:


Tail lights on the road to hell (Grand Canyon National Park)



Last one, I promise.

Impossible to take a bad photograph in Yosemite. Astonishing place.




That time I went and lived in South America. I had one camera stolen, one camera I gave to a friend (as his was also stolen off me) so had a very shit camera for the journey.

Macchu Picchu

The reason my dad is an archaeologist - but he's never been there.

Alma Mater Havana Uni

Had the best time in Quito but going through my photos it isn’t the most photogenic!


Particularly like the top and bottom ones respectively, Halo/Intiniki.


Sorry, can’t help myself. You’ve got me reminiscing.

A stoned* month driving round a cloudy/misty/claustrophobic Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. Punctuated by occasional sobriety and sunshine.

*drugs aren’t cool


Honningsvag, Norway


Just two places I thought I’d die. Lake Titicaca on a little boat in a storm and the other was in the Pacific when in Nicaragua.

Stunning place though but an awful history.

Managua dump

Some cows grazing in Managua dump where many people live and work.

Looks nice and tranquil. Dictators used to throw people in the lake.


San Blas Islands, Panama


Bus Station in Kalam at the top of the Swat Valley in Pakistan.

Probably one of the last White Western faces welcomed up that way. Had a weekend to spare so went & climed a mountain to have lunch in Afghanistan (as you do)



The at Kalam you turn left for Afghanistan and turn right for Gilgit & the base camp for K2. This was the road to Gilgit ^

This was the footpath that the Mujahideen used to transport weapons & supplies into Afghanistan during the Russian conflict.

What was I doing there? UN Media tour event we’d donated some kit that was being used to power & village and rehabilitate the locals. Seemed a good idea at the time and it is still the greatest Business Trip I have ever been on!


Old town La Coruna…NUNS…but not the kind most of you like. :wink: