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I had an Italian Action Man when i was a kid. He used to come out of the toy cupboard with his hands up.
Sorry, wrong thread!:grinning:


You park like a bitch


Intentional…visual dissonance…would you have liked to have the front wheels pointing straight forward too. :lou_lol:


Blackpool Sands in South Devon, a shingle beach!!!


We have some really stunning sunsets from our home. Probably should just bin the TV and stare out the window.


That’d be all the pollution in London causing that @Intiniki



Sean Connery was very disappointed when he visited this place and realised it wasn’t a singles beach.


Reminds me of when I was arranging to meet up with Sean one time;

Sean: ‘what time are we meeting?’
Me: ‘about tennish?’
Sean: ‘Tennish? but I don’t have a racquet’


I think one of my favourite moments in the Alan Partridge radio series is the section where Alan is getting a guest impressionist to do people on demand.

Can you do Sean Connery?

Er. No

Everyone can do Sean Connery.




From my daily walk over Baddesley Common.


Looks like Barry is coming down to watch a match


Yep looks like the second coming…this decade. :lou_lol:


Sandbanks on New Year’s Day, looking towards Old Harry Rocks


This morning, the girls on Baddesley Common wishing you all a very happy new year…


Blimey, my ex wife must have been up early this morning, she hasn’t changed.


That would be. The one eating the fence post?


No. The one telling the others what to do :wink:


Away for a couple of days in Stratford upon Avon. Spent most of the day at Warwick Castle that we all really enjoyed. Lot’s of history, armour, tasteful tableau with very lifelike tausaud-like figures.

However the real person who got me really excited was this guy sitting at a window…fantastic face and sitting in a position I couldn’t possibly have arranged. Sometimes everything comes together to make a timeless picture…


That’s very nicely positioned, poor bloke with all those swords about to hit. I zoomed in a bit and noticed some bearded bloke(or Jimmy Hill) trying to force his way out of the sitting man’s trousers(just below the knee).