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:camera: General photos - scenery anywhere!


That building is a fertility clinic?


Cooling off in the Dordogne, just downstream from La Roque-Gageac.


Goat tells kid goat

You see that river, that’s where I dumped number 13’s body



Now I seem to have worked out how to post photos…
(A few previously uploaded have disappeared).

Just visiting some old friends.


For some reason I don’t recall the very late ‘70’s or ‘80’s being quite so grim


I thought it was always grim up North


It was…going to Saints away games in the '70s were eye openers.

Stoke for example was especially grim. “The Black Country” certainly was, everything was grubby. The red-brick back to back terraced Victorian houses surrounding The Victoria Ground were in fact literally black. A large proportion of the home supporters wore their shabby work clothes setting us smartly dressed soft southerners in sparkling contrast. I like to think we brought much needed colour into their drab lives. :lou_lol:


Visit to Kew Gardens. Sat next to these guys for a bit. Could have sat there for hours.


Nice Bokeh on the swan pic, Cracking shot! :+1:


Me old mota dahn Old Chilworth yesterday like…innit…


Nice rich saturation if that is the right word? Evokes the 50’s postcard look very nicely (which I assume you were going for?)


Indeed, it was intentional…as was this variation…


Ffs. When are you going to buy a new car??

Nice pic though :+1:


Thanks. I have got a newer car for wet days. :lou_lol:


Is it not German?


Well the user manual is in English but I do believe it has Latin/Teutonic connections. :lou_wink_2:


Efficient gear box with 4 reverses?


Fortunately all the mechanical equipment has the Teutonic connection… apart from the British supercharger. :lou_lol:


Its an Italian Tank?