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:camera: General photos - scenery anywhere!


A bunch of screaming British ladies having fun…


Had a chance to try out my new “super-dooper-don’t-tell-the-wife-how-much-it-cost” lens today.

I like it. :lou_lol:


I’ll go out on a limb and say leaf it to me to congratulate you on a fine pic.

I know I’m barking up the wrong tree to expect the poor tree puns to take root.

I’ll get me coat…


Mucking about last night with a couple of pictures I took at Ropley Station a few weeks ago…added a period look.


Which lens is that bud ? Beautiful shots.

Did some ebaying a while back and treated myself to the new 100-400 L ii which is miles ahead of the mark i lens.

Forgotten how to post photos so will have a crack at uploading one of my rescue foxes I look after


Rynek Square Krakow last night if it works


Last month


I’ve had a Sony A7 for the last 4 years and splashed out on the new Sony FE 24-105 zoom in the new year. It’s the perfect travel lens for me. I never carry a camera bag, just sling the camera with one zoom lens over my shoulder.

To post .jpg pics click on the picture icon in the reply pane, paste in the picture’s url, make sure the “Constrain proportions” box is ticked and reduce the width to a max of 650 pixels and they should display correctly.

Always liked your pictures “sus” :lou_lol:


Ah poo, didn’t work lets try again

Nice lens mate - you really get some amazing results

Ginny Portrait


Glorious picture…an almost human expression. :lou_lol:


So when we came back from our trip to Italy the other week we found 2 eggs had been laid by a pigeon couple in a plant pot on our balcony. One hatched on 21st May. I can hear it squeaking now although mum is with it. Apparently in 1-2 weeks s/he will go on it’s first flight with dad. We will then whack up some netting to avoid this again as there is pigeon shit every where. It’s been quite interesting to watch but think that’s enough.




That’s not a Pigeon…that’s a bloody Vulture! :lou_lol:


Fucking flying rats.

Get a cat :cat:


Yes I hear squab is a thing.


From the countryside not the city though.


Nat Geo Photography is quite a good follow for the twitterererers out there:


Just stand over there Kid Goat that’s it just there. Now look behind you and up. That’s it. That’s where we made you.
She wasn’t impressed.


bit risque on a balcony! :see_no_evil:


Its the rooom in the Tower
I heard Goat never took his mask off


Is it the building with the very pointy roof in the background?