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:camera: General photos - scenery anywhere!


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What the fuck would you know?


Sun rise in the forest this morning


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Sun rise in the forest this morning

Are you still only just making it back from your beer festival, that was like 2 weekends ago.


Not quite, more like me trying to get rid of the lingering calories of the said beer festival


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Clearly that horse has resided in Dubai over a summer.

As shown by the standard issue extensive crotch rot prevalent in these climes


Took the guided tour around The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at RAF Conningsby in Lincolnshire on Wednesday…good boy’s day out. :lou_lol:


This is a Mk 19 photo-reconnaissance Spitfire built in Southampton in 1945…


Phone snap of fly fisherman at Fordingbridge.


OK all you amateur Meteorologists out there explain what’s going on up there…the high Cirrus have conflicting ideas of which way to go…


Me cycling over Canford Heath last night, should have got more of the scenery in, I might do so on Friday as I can’t today…


A mate of mine was an expert Motor Scrambler and used to practice on Canford Heath in the early 70s. I used to take pictures of him 20 feet in the air at 70mph over some of the jumps…fuckin’ lunatics all of them. No way would you be allowed to do that today.


As long as you don’t get caught I should imagine you’d be alright, it’s a big place after all…


I think a large part of it is now a nature reserve.


Mainly the aftermath of jet exhausts I’m afraid. Think I saw an article that jet trails have now been classified ad clouds…


I worked with a load of islanders and I used to confuse them by saying I can see the Polar Bear so the weather must be good, I think this shows adequately what I meant…

Stoopid islanders!!


I can never see your photos BTripz. Just a no entry sign. For a while I just thought you took really dull photos but I’m starting to think it’s something else.


Road scenery from this weekend’s road trip to Lower Saxony. Travelling in style…we were in the s t r e t c h split screen bus, not the tanker.


That’s all I see as well.


In Venice a couple of weeks ago and once I’ve got my pictures of the usual views I’m on the prowl for people they make better pictures…


Taken by the shadow and made the mistake of focusing on the shadow and not the figure…