🗳:tories::labour: General Election 2024

It’s to do with Sunak’s claim to have been deprived of Sky tv in his youth.

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Ah righto, shows how much attention I pay to the news.

If he’s 44 then he could have had Sky, I had it in 1992 when I lived with my parents…he would have been 12 then…

You and me both. I only heard about it through gags on WhatsApp and Sickipedia. :unamused::smile::smile:

Point of order: many a building USED to have Sky and hence a dish. Many then became disconnected because of (a) the original customer moved out and / or (b) rampant increases in charges by Sky. Sky did not spend money rushing round collecting old dishes.

Just saying.


Okay lads, are you saying that Rishi S. was justified in pleading poverty as illustrated by the denial to him of Sky TV as a youth, or not? My floating vote depends entirely on this one matter, because if he wasn’t familiar with Electric Blue then I don’t see how I can support him as PM. :thinking::grin:

Yes his parents could only just afford the fees for Winchester College. Such hardship.

That’s the point though - his parents did find the money to send him to Winchester and probably did prioritise it over things like cable or going to Disney

Chemists don’t make that much that they can just sniff at the costs of Winchester

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Boarding at Winchester he would not have had access to TV during term time at all

His Dad was a local GP. I dont think his mum had that chemist in the 1990s and you can rest assured they certainly never lived in the flat.

Maternal grandparents may well have assisted with the fees

His father was a toolmak and we know that isn’t bollocks because we also know for sure he created at least one fucking tool.

My mum has had regular contact with Sunaks Pharmacies. She says that they were well run and the sisters were very polite.

Seems like a bloody small world sometimes

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Regarding the fees for Winchester the original line was that he won a scholarship until some enterprising journalist got a tip off and did some digging, which quickly found out it was a pack of lies. You would think they would have jumped at the chance to show the sacrifices his parents had to make to prioritise it over cable TV or Disney if it were the case, but no. Like many things about Sunak, who paid the fees will be shrouded in mystery ,just like the question of how did he manage to suddenly appear from nowhere in North Yorkshire and get himself installed in one of the safest Tory seats in the country, funnily enough not long after Call Me Dave had met his father-in-law and Modi at a summit in India when he was PM. Many Conservative members in Richmond are still spitting feathers about that to this day.

When they use this toolmaker line as an example of Starmer’s working class credentials they always omit the fact that his father actually owned a small toolmaking factory.

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Funnily enough I had lunch today with someone whose brother was at the same prep school as Rishi (he had private primary school education as well)

Apparently he was impressively bright then, top of every class by some margin

He’s trotted out that line to the point where audiences are now actually laughing and jeering it.

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Reform are now ahead of the Tories according to YouGov

What is also interesting is that the combined Tory /Reform vote is equal to that of Labour

So this election is more about Tories getting fed up with the Tories.

Could reform actually become the new party of opposition?

Another thought - if the SNP held their seats and the Tories are blown away - they could be the main opposition party - how will that work given they only represent a small part of the UK

That’s certainly the case among most of the tories I’ve spoken with.

Their votes won’t transfer into seats. I doubt they’ll end up with more than a handful of MPs, regardless of how they’re polling now.