🗳:tories::labour: General Election 2024

He is taking the piss

I hope

Sunak really is hiding. Looks like his inflated self-importance and over-confident repetitions of targets he chose himself but hasn’t met, meaningless three word slogans and lies are all falling apart.

He strikes me as someone who couldn’t cope with losing. It’s unlikely, but would be amusing if he runs away to let someone else carry the can.

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Of all people, you really ought to know that’s not how politics works. The tory “team” will have dictated whatever inane policies or aspirations were put forward, I doubt he had much input, if any at all.

They also won’t let him quit before the election. That doesn’t work that way either.

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Fair points. By “he” I meant him and his team. If he were to be determined to walk away, I do t see what anyone could do. He’d be finished in politics but would he care?




I dont understand this - I know what they are trying to do, keep a low profile and let the narrative move on, but the first question he will be asked when he reemerges will be about D Day - best to get out there and rip the plaster off

According to some, I qualify for that just for supporting boycotts, divestments and sanctions

In Starmer’s book, a comparison with Jeremy Corbyn is the harshest insult he can dig up.

But we’re expected to believe that he kicked out Corbyn and anyone who agreed with him only because they were all antisemitic. :unamused:

What’s his problem?

That it contains some ideas people will like?


Here we go, what a thoroughly two-faced, hypocritical, untrustworthy, deeply unpleasant man Starmer is, just look at the smirk on his face as he trashed Jeremy Corbyn yesterday, as if he was making the cleverest, most profound statement ever.
Horrible man.



Thoroughly nasty piece of work. And he’s going to be our next PM. :rage:

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Seems to be a recent prerequisite. :lou_facepalm_2:

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Very amusing, but the two problems are that firstly, it’s probably photoshopped and secondly, I doubt he lived over the shop.

I don’t rightly understand the image though…

30 osh years ago Sky didnt exist
We had 2 competing suppliers of nothing much that merged to become BSB
And you could get a basic free subscription

Yes, as I mentioned to the group that put it on WhatsApp, he’s only 44 so a bit young to have missed out on Sky :smile::smile:
I guess the flat above the shop would have been let out, if it was occupied at all. Here’s a similar Photoshop job that did the rounds a while ago…


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