🗳:tories::labour: General Election 2024

So, they’re off and running towards the July 4th finish line, neatly timed to coincide with American Independence Day.

Any chance at all for the Tories, even if it’s just salvaging a hung parliament? Or is it all over bar the Starmers redecorating Number 10?


Are they hoping the England football team will inspire the Nation once again?

Or we all watching the first week of Wimbledon and forget to vote?

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I would have thought Keir Starmer could have found a couple of larger Union Jacks to flank him when he made his speech!

Inflation is low and there is a chance interest rates will go down

It’s time for a change - the Tories need some time in opposition so they can sort their shit out - get rid of the lunatics / wets and restart

Labour will get a couple of terms by which time they will dissolve into infighting as the socialists try to seize control. How long before momentum chance their arm?

Then it will be another 15 years on the outside looking in

We ought to run a tally of party spending commitments to see which one has the biggest moon on their stick

It’s the Cunts Party Vs the Minges Party.


That’s probably the most accurate piece of political opinion we’ll see between now and the election.


My opinion of Starmer has slightly changed

If he can’t spot blatant filmed war crimes no wonder the poor cunt couldn’t find enough evidence to prosecute Jimmy “open secret” Savile.


Johnny knew.

I was out with @Intiniki Sunday before last.

We chatted about this and my view is that when it came across his desk he just thought “fuck that for a game of soldiers”

It’s a dereliction of the very purpose of the CPS, but if Savile really was as connected as he claimed to be I can understand why a person with a lot to lose would make that call.

Seems almost everyone bar Johnny did.

The problem for Keir is that neaky everyone else was not DPP.

Reckon it’ll be used in the campaign?

I don’t think it’ll make much difference now. It would do him more damage if the meeja were to focus on his links to Blair and co., but I doubt they will.

I don’t think it will either but I am wondering if the Tories are that desperate

You’re only wondering? Look at some of the straw clutching they’ve already been doing e.g. Rayner?

I can’t think they’re particularly keen to win this one.

So who are the fannies

The thing with Rayner is that they have just pulled her claws. She was always the first to give it large about tax avoidance, resigning, transparency etc. Now she is fucked - the minute she opens her trap she is going to get it straight back

It has also derailed her as a campaigner because guess what the first question is always going to be


Well you’re grasping for the Library Democrats there.

Continuing the metaphor, they are the Any Hole For a Goal Party.

A national party with varying promises to different parts of the nation, depending on the party they happen to be scrapping with locally.

The hole that finally sunk them was power.

This one went toxic pretty quickly when BoJo mentioned it.