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:joystick: Games I am playing at the moment


I always wanted an Amiga, bug had an Atari ST.


I’ve already finished this on PC. It’s a very good game. Don’t think I played much else while I was on this tip.


How does it stack up against the first one? - only played that on the iPad but it reminded me forcibly of rebel star raiders 2 on the Speccy - I fucking loved that game.

Good story and genuine jump scares - loved the RnD etc - got genuinely attatched to some of the team.


It should do. The original XCOM was done by the Gollop brothers, responsible for Rebel Star and Laser Squad, among other things. The new XCOM games aren’t actually done by them. They’ve been taken on by Firaxis, a very decent studio, who’ve done a very decent job in the second.

More is procedurally generated, and just the setup is shitloads better. Aliens have taken over the Earth. You’re a resistance unit of humans looking to take it back.


Finished up Mankind Divided and really enjoyed it, although not up there in the top echelon of games IMO. Luckily CEX allowed me to trade this in for about £4 less than I paid for it, so I took the opportunity to finally pick up Uncharted 4 at a reduced price. What a game! Might miss some of the wow moments of 2 and 3 but the story was great and loved the Goonies nod towards the end.

Anyway my son has been knocking around with his foot in plaster, so not getting much chance to get on the PS4 recently. As a result I have fired up Elder Scrolls Online on the Mac and am finally about to hit level 40. The new updates mean that performance has been hit on my aging system since I last played about eight months back and this has been frustrating at times. As a result I had a look around for something else to keep me occupied and after almost purchasing XCOM 2 for £17 I decided to ease the strain on my wallet a little by getting Darkest Dungeon for £12 instead.

Not lost any adventurers yet, but struggling balancing de-stressing them with having enough cash to mount a successful adventure.


This week I am currently playing Rise of Iron, occasional overwatch and still playing too much Hearthstone. FFXV was put back but that will be the next big waste of life


Went for FIFA over PES in the end. The difference in gameplay was sufficiently fine for me to be won over the glamour and glitz of FIFA. I’m shallow.


My anxiety with FIFA is I’ll end up falling , yet again, for the FUT stuff and end up spending waaaay too much money on it as I have absolutely no self control


I dodge all that stuff. Mainly play co-op seasons online as Saints - smashing gloryhunting teenagers - very satisfying and gratifying.


That’s what FIFA is these days. A marketplace for FUT shit.

Still, you’ve got to admire EA for the sheer moxy. No one else charges 40 quid for their app store.


So having purchased XCOM 2 and sunk about 10 hours into I can safely say I’ve never been so enraged by a game so quickly. I am finding it genuinely challenging (not even on hard setting but I’m blaming the rookies) and addictive and I won’t stop until I’ve bested it. And judging my my early efforts completeing it will take some time.


And you know you can’t let them die.

Where’s that save game? :lou_sunglasses:


Some of them deserve to die, stupid rookies.


Bought XCOM 2 for £16.99 on the Mac. Unfortunately I misread the system requirements and while my machine bests most of the suggested, it’s got half the graphics card memory of the minimum. As a result I’m having to put up with crashes pretty regularly but still enjoying the game.

Also just seen this: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2016/10/16/rockstar-seemingly-teasing-red-dead-redemption-announcement

Pretty excited as Red Dead Redemption is one of my favourite games of all time. Can’t wait to see what Rockstar’s done with the sequel.


Fucking yay! Red Dead Redemption 2 just announced.



Best Game Ever!!!


Finished my first game of Civ 6 after restarting around 20 times, learning the thing. Long story short, best Civ yet.

Most hardcore Civ fans consider IV the pinnacle, particularly as it received its expansions. Civ V not only saw the series shift onto a hexagonal map. It was also accused of dumbing down the series. Many slipped back to the previous games.

Those people probably won’t like VI. Hexagonal maps are still about, and some concepts that have been around since the first game are gone. You can’t direct workers to build road any more. in fact, workers don’t exist.

Any trader you send out will automatically set up roads en route to their destination. A new unit, builder, does most of the tile improvement stuff. Limited number of uses, but builds instantly. It’s a real refinement, because the biggest problem with all Civ games has been the end game phase. There’s just so much to do per turn. The developers recognised this two games ago, allowing workers to be automated, but that really begged the question as to why they were there in the first place. That has now been answered.

Very smart game which probably is more like 1 & 2 than 3, 4 or 5.


I’m a sucker for zombie stuff so Dying Light on PS4 is taking up all my time at the moment. Great game worth checking out if you missed it on release.


Battlefield 1. And lots of it. It’s great.


Assume principled objection happened here.