🕹 Games I am playing at the moment

:joystick: Games I am playing at the moment


Already assumed. Well done on (almost) restraining yourself.


Ordered Battlefield 1 as a ‘done with exams can sit in bed and do nothing all weekend’ present for myself - looking forward to it a lot, I’ve been yearning for a non-modern/futuristic online multiplayer shooter for years…

mr_joejangles on PSN if anyone wants to form a squad or whatever one does :slight_smile:


Got BF1 for my birthday and enjoying it so far. As always much beter if you can squad up, although so far this feature has performed rather flakily. Here’s my PSN if anyone fancies hooking up: frenchpoliser (correct no h).


Picked up a few games to keep me entertained whilst I’m off work and stuck in the flat/on the sofa.

Put a few hours into No Man’s Sky, and despite all the (often, unfair, imo) criticism and controversy surrounding it - I am really enjoying it. I’m enjoying exploring strange planets, and hopping around and upgrading my ship. That said, I am pretty dosed up at the minute so


Also got Witcher 3 & Tomb Raider to have a look at at some point too.


Bought a Playstation VR and I absolutely love it - very immersive - great potential for gameplay and future technologies and interactions. Feels like more than a gimmick to me TBH. May not be as pin sharp as an Oculus but at a much much lower price point - not shown it to anyone who hasn’t been blown away by it. reviews are very skewed towards people who have already tried the high end stuff and will be looking for all the flaws. For me its dead easy to set up. very comfortable for long term wear and the games are great fun , good quality and frankly astonishing.


I have recently come across the Cock Hero series of games, a spin off from the popular guitar hero series.

I have to say that although I was a little sceptical about them at first, I’ve found them to be a real delight. Normally I only get a couple of minutes enjoyment from my gaming activities, but these games really challenge you and push you to keep going which is what makes them so satisfying. Would highly recommend them to the sort of wanker on here who spends a lot of evenings on their own trying to kill time in travel lodges.

Only downside really is that you tend to spend more time then you would like monitoring the beat animation instead of taking in the whole sensory experience. But I think that’s just my lack of experience showing, I’m sure my technique will improve with practice.


I am reluctant to Google this, SWDP :slight_smile:

Does this involve a plastic cock, like Rock Band, or a real one, like Rocksmith?

If the latter, then surely Cocksmith would be a better name.


I’ve been on a big Civ6 tip lately, so wanted to play something a little different, and Titanfall 2 has just come out. Ended up paying 34 notes for it, which wasn’t bad. I’ve been playing the campaign mode, something the last game lacked. For those that may have forgotten, the Titanfall series is made by the same people that used to do the good Call of Duty games. They span off to do their own thing, and ended up creating an XBox One console exclusive.

I played the last game on PC. Didn’t have much of a campaign mode, although the multiplayer was a lot of fun. Good mechanics, you spend much of each encounter as a squishy but agile pilot, building toward the moment you get hold of a Titan, a huge mech that can take a bit of punishment. There’s a great deal of satisfaction in keeping one of those alive enough to be effective.

I am now in my forties, meaning I’m Captain Crap Reflexes, and I’ve never been very good at these games anyway. Even so, think I’ll be barrelling into the multiplayer and stomping on some pilots.


Some more Titanfall 2 talk. When the reviews said the campaign would be good, didn’t realise quite how good it would be. I’ve just played a level that reminded me so much of my favourite Prince of Persia game that it could be called Sands of Titanfall. It features a neat mechanic which sees you switching between two points in time in a secret facility. Some areas are impassable in one time, so you need to switch to the other to proceed. It’s been done before; my first encounter with it would have been Zelda: Link to the Past, but I’ve rarely had as much fun with it as I did here. In one time, the facility is operational and staffed with security peeps looking for your ass, expressing incredulity when you disappear. The other time is the present, in which the facility has been destroyed. Still got a way to go, but was blown away by that little moment. The climax of that mission, which I won’t spoil, had beauty I did not expect.

Had a blast on the multiplayer as well. It remains very decent, and it’s going to keep Battlefront or anything like it off my radar for a bit. It works on all kinds of levels. Novice or crap players can still be effective because there are plenty of bots running around. People that want to show off won’t really have a better platform to do it. The pilots are agile all the time, as opposed to having a jetpack or whatever. Whatever your skill level, the game keeps you incentivised. It’s always worth pushing on as a pilot to earn your Titan. Always worth keeping that Titan alive because it’s so damn powerful. And of course, there’s all the rewards that the game dishes out in between matches.

Loving it. Presently the game. Mechs rule.


Finished Titanfall 2’s campaign.

It was very nice, the classic boy meets mech, they fall in love, only to face a massive challenge in the third act. Your basic romantic comedy, but with a lot more ammunition.

Seriously though, a wonderful campaign mode that had me falling back in love with shooters again. The hardcore FPS nuts will simply deride it as a tutorial for the multiplayer, and I’ve some sympathy with that. It is, but you probably need it on Titanfall more than you would on other games, simply to make sure the agility factor is hardwired into your noggin.

If Battlefront had shipped with a campaign of comparable quality, we’d be talking it up as best Star Wars game ever.


Bored of Battlefield now. Giving The Division another whirl now they’ve tweaked it.

Also, just got Red Dead Redemption to play (all over again) on backwards compatibility. Love that game.


Waiting for the Fat Knacka to bring BF1 for xmas. Then saving all my pocket money for the Red Dead sequel next year.


I did enjoy the last Unforgiven game. Red Dead Redemption 2, I’m so hyped for this. Late 2017, so probably a year away.


Been a weird, tiring few years in games.

From receiving death threats, watching female colleagues & acquintances be almost run out of the industry, watching the alt-right hone their craft.

Sometimes though, games are good. Really interesting project, and good to see it get some recognition.

The game itself might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s certainly not the most action packed thing ever, but it’s worth checking out.


Nice bump, KRG.

I’ve been meaning to bestow some praise on a couple of things lately. I’m enjoying Stardew Valley a lot. It’s a Harvest Moon clone which has you farming shit, raising animals and nipping all over a generous map foraging for stuff. There’s crafting, a daily cycle to observe, as well as energy bars. There’s an adventuring component too.

It’s yet another game that makes a mockery of our teenage “shittest game you can imagine” sessions. Fishing used to be something that we’d think would be quite boring, because it was in real life. Gloriously so.

I’m playing it on PC, although it’s available for PS4, probably other stuff too.


Originally posted by @KRG

watching the alt-right hone their craft.

Sorry to pick this part out specifically, but that article is fucking magnificent. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.





“It was a spooky ghost”


Little follow-up on Stardew Valley.

Cracking little game which I have an embarrassingly high number of hours logged to. In a nod to Fallout 3 of all things, the game has two specific ways for you to advance the town itself, providing long term bonuses that make each day less of a grind. Option one essentially involves dropping a lot of money at an evil corporation, using its resources to dominate the town. Option two centres around a huge collection mission for an abandoned community centre.

I reckon I’m about halfway through at the moment. What should become repetitive pretty quickly doesn’t. The day night cycle mixes things up, as does the weather. Seasons change things too. While you get different crops in Spring, Summer and (grr) Fall, crops don’t typically grow in the winter, which gives that season a completely different feel to all others. I spent most of the game’s last winter just mining and upgrading my gear.

It’ll soon get to a point where I’m bored, I’m sure. However, still seems to be so much in the game. I’ll leave you with this. The creators of Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley discussing each others’ games.