🕹 Games I am playing at the moment

So, I think there’s at least a few of us games geeks around here. So, let us share in the fun games keeping those idle thumbs at bay.

I’m currently enjoying Volume very much. It’s a stealth based game, re-telling the Robin Hood story, set in the future. Sounds odd, but it’s really good fun. It’s made by the bloke that made Thomas Was Alone, who I have been lucky enough to meet, a thoroughly nice chap. Also features voice acting from Danny Wallace, Andy Serkis & Jim Sterling. About 1/3 of the way in, I’d heartlily recommend it.

I also downloaded a mobile game last night called Lifeline. Only played a little bit, but it seems really interesting so far. It’s a kind of text-based adventure game. The story is based around a chap who has crashed his ship and lands on a moon, somewhere. You guide him through his adventure, but the twist is events occur in real time. So for example, dude says he’s going to explore something that looks about an hour away, it’ll be an hour before anything happens in the game. Heard good things, keen to see where it goes. At 79p, it’s worth a blast I’d say.

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Great thread, KRG.

Got two things on the go at the mo. Metal Gear Solid V is my big machine game. I have talked about that elsewhere.

Handheld, it’s gotta be Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the New 3DS. Never finished the Wii version as the Wii was never on enough. This is almost perfect. The graphics don’t look as washed out , the controls all work fine. The only black mark on the game is the English voice acting, which is crap in a lot of cases. Worse, with this being a cartridge game, there is no Japanese voiceover option.

Mechanically, it’s very MMO like, even down to selecting abilities, etc. Much emphasis is spent on where you place your attacks; some moves are much more powerful if you hit from the side or back. You’ve got other people in your party that heal and tank for you, but barring selecting what they get up to in a chain attack, you’ve little direct input. Even so, it feels epic, and the central setting, a world in which people live on one of two dormant giants, is beautifully nuts.

My gaming soul presently belongs to Japanese creators. Again.

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Thoughts on the 3DS, pap?

Been on a super hot streak of late, and have taken the bookies to the cleaners so thinking of treating myself and not spunking it all on booze/general being an idiot. 3DS is pretty high on my list.

I’ve had a Nintendo since the Gameboy, so perhaps not the best person to ask, but if you like Nintendo games and want to play them on the move/bog, it’s a no-brainer. The 3D is still a bit gimmicky, even on the much improved “New 3DS”, but it really adds to some of the cutscenes in Xenoblade.

It has got a very decent Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, no Advance Wars yet but Fire Emblem: Awakening is pretty much all of that game and more. There’s also a real return to form in the Mario/Luigi RPG. All the Mario platformers (either 2D or 3D)

The only downer is poorer graphics than the PS Vita, but I reckon that’s more than offset by the quality of the software.

Nah, I think that makes you pretty qualified. It’s go to hear it keeps Nintendo fans happy. There’s a small rnage of Nintendo games I love, but it’s never enough to make me stump up for the console. I also got burned with my last Nintendo console, the Gamecube. God that was a disappointment.

I’d mostly be in it for Mario, Zelda & Pokemon. Playing on the move, or just when I go for a walk and sit and chill out for a bit in the park or wherever (I do this a lot, is that weird?). So the 3DS seems ideal for me.

Why on earth Nintendo won’t just port some of the early Gameboy games onto mobile phones baffles me. A fully functional Pokemon Red/Blue with trading etc would make a killing, off IP that’s probably just sat there not doing a whole lot. Anyways, cheers pap. Will most likely look into getting one.

I used to be a bit of a trophy hunter on the PlayStation (Sony’s equivalent of Xbox’s achievements). I’ve lapsed now but have the odd flurry of it if I have a quiet couple of weeks - less and less likely these days. It’s the gaming equivalent of constant pats on the head really and a meta-game in itself.

More recently I’ve been quite into indie stuff or playing whatever’s ‘free’ with PlayStation Plus. Super Exploding Zoo’s a fun, cutesy live puzzle game (if a little easy). Ether One is an intriguing first-person puzzle adventure with a poignant take on mental health and dementia.

But Rocket League. I’ve not been addicted to a game so much as Rocket League for… Well actually I don’t remember the last time. The concept’s super simple - you’re placed in a car, in an enclosed arena and must rush at a giant ‘football’ in an attempt to score in the opponents goal. You can boost, jump, spin (and any combination of the above) to achieve this.

The online is utterly fantastic (1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4) and only made better by playing with a group of mic-ed up friends. It’s got that perfect ‘simple to play, hard to master’ element and has perhaps even more variety of play than football itself.

This is the best goal I’ve seen scored, bar none.

Also worth a look:

Genuine GOTY contender, for me.


That’s a great shout ant. Fucking great game. We should try set up a Sotonians game, if we can get enough people interested.

i like the free playstation+ games too. Got decent amounts of play out of Never Alone, Counterspy & the classic Odds World too.

Hells yes.

My username’s amplifiedAnt.

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Sent you a request, ant.

Also, have to commend your patience. I’m far too lazy to be a 100%er.

Despite my pooh poohing it on the original thread I am now quite enjoying Marvels Contest of Champions on my tablet!!

Oh, and I’m getting back into playing Assasins Creed - Revelations on my PS3, not got a PS4 yet as I still have too many PS3 games to play…

I played chess against a 10 year old last week. Opps not a ‘video game’.

Probably not a victory either :laughing:

we ran out of time. I couldn’t remember the rules and he told me the ones he remembered. Hey I wasn’t there to beat a 10 year old but to build a positive relationship :slight_smile:

Minecraft… I am 8 years old!

Currently taking a look at Renowned Explorers, which is a cute exploration game that reminds me a lot of FTL. You take a team of three adventurers around the world, seeking treasure and glory. The art style is gorgeous, and I can’t imagine it’s going to challenge many PCs in terms of specs. Just like FTL, each place you visit can feature an encounter, although this is more of a turn-based strategy rock-paper-scissors affair than FTL’s psuedo-real-time crew management.

About 13 quid on Steam at the moment. It’s very nice.

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So, I took the plunge and got myself a 3DS (don’t tell the gf). V much looking forward to plunging into A Link Between Worlds and Pokemon which I got to go with it.

shut up, I’m totally a grown up!

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Ha, the next few days promise to be interesting as KRG attempts to hide his purchase.

Possible future scenario:-

KRG has sloped off to the bog for a surreptitious go on Pokemon. He has been there for five hours. Privately, he wonders whether he will need the fire service to get him off the can, but he’s caught a load of grass type pokemon and evolved a couple of his flock. Rough with the smooth, etc.

Ms KRG bangs on the door, demanding to know what he’s up to. Unable to answer with the truth, he goes for the next best option, and meekly utters “masturbating” as his reply.

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Waiting for Star Wars and Fallout, Mad Max is a possibilty though as heard good stuff.