🕹 Games I am playing at the moment

:joystick: Games I am playing at the moment


Obviously I forgot that I hadn’t played for a while. So I can’t play without 8 hours of downloads first.

Gonna play some slightly tipsy rocket league of anyone is keen?


Currently be at a drinking establishment, but leaving imminently so Rocket League could happen soon-ish?



Turns out booze doesn’t make this game easier.


Also turns out it doesn’t make leaving the pub easier. Apologies…


Doom, wll actually I ordered it and it arrived yesterday, but I also ordered a new case for my PC so last night was spent cutting myself on the internal sharp edges of the case trying to get cables to fit.

Wish I’d stayed with my old case.


After Ant/(argon)'s glowing review of Ratchet & Clank I took the plunge on that last week. Didn’t play much last weekend, due to it being so nice out. But having been laid up the past few days have spent some with it. Not much to add to what Ant said. Really fun, pure platforming game. Plenty of nods to the older games in the series, ticks all the boxes for me. The kind of game I’d absolutely love to work on one day.

Also started another run through of Journey. Damn, I love that game. Not one for those who love action packed games, but it’s ideal for me. A gorgeous game world that is an absolute joy to gently plod through and explore. Can easily be completed in one session, but it’s an entirely worth while experience. Sitting in on a talk by one of the devs next week, expect to totally fan boy out. Can’t wait.


Just about to get stuck into Fire Emblem Fates : Birthright, one of two new Fire Emblem campaigns out for 3DS. The series is one of the best turn-based games in existence. The previous 3DS game was my first toe in the water, which lasted for about three months :lou_wink_2:

Annoyingly, this has been out in the US since February. I have taken the bold decision to play Hard mode (suggested for people that have played the series before) with no take backs for mistakes.



Doom, now that I have purchased the requisite memory so that the game actually runs I have been addicted to it all weekend. Loving it. And there are secret areas in it that are deliberately made to look like rooms from the original Doom, class move there.

Also playing The Room 2 on my tablet, a thinking game but I think I need to turn hints off as they are making it too easy for me.


More hyped for Overwatch tomorrow than any game in recent history, really enjoyed the Beta and Blizzard have already said that there is going to be a TON of updates and add ons as time goes on - most of which if not all will be free.

Journey is a magical game, shame its so short really. Also really looking forward to media molecules new venture Dreams - sure its going to be a 3D LBP - hoping there may be some interactionwith VR for that


Blizzard have been a top quality studio for decades now. They put out games which perhaps piss their die hard fans off, for various reasons (the Diablo III auctionhouse fiasco springs to mind), but they rarely put out shit. Still need to man up and finish Starcraft 2.


Big fan of all the games in The Room series. All really well made.

Was really spoiled at our conference last week. Had lots of great guest speakers from other studios come talk to us. In addition to Jenova Chen, from That Game Company (their actual name), who spoke about Journey, we had Eric Dodds from Blizzard who looks after Hearthstone and Sean Vanaman who co-founded Campo Santo - makers of Firewatch.

The latter had been on my list of games to play for a little while now, but after hearing him speak it accelerated my purchase. Spent a few hours having a little wonder around. I have to say, I’m really impressed. The way they’ve put the game together is pretty innovative, and damn is it a gorgeous world they’ve created. Looking forward to see how it pans out.


I’ve put over six hours into Fire Emblem Fates : Birthright. That’s just the recorded time on my last savegame, mind. It’s probably twice that.

One of the things that makes this and its predecessor so cool is the concept of relationships.

When characters do something in close proximity, such as stand next to each other and fight, they develop an affinity which builds with each action. Eventually, they get to a stage where the relationship is permanently improved, positively affecting the performance of the pair in future fights.

It’s not only cute - but it massively plays into the overall strategy. Throughout, you’re trying to ensure that no-one does anything alone, because if they’re stood next to each other, there’s a good chance they’ll support each other in whatever they’re doing - and build onto their relationships, making them even better in the future.

The previous game, Fire Emblem Awakening, is also very good - but some of the improvements in Fates, such as the ability to build your own base, make the overworld components of Awakening seem somewhat primitive.

Fantastic game. Fates : Birthright is the place to start if you’ve never played Fire Emblem before. I can see me on this for some time. Fates : Conquest will be next on my list, and the beauty of it is that it’s already out. George RR Martin could learn a thing from these people :slight_smile:


Overwatch collectors arrived yesterday - most beautufully boxed collectors edition I have ever recieved the box is worth 100 quid alone!

Steelcase, postcards, artbook, soundtrack,an awesome 10 inch statue ( that looks worth the money not like the crap one in the ESO collectors) and a ton of in game skins etc.

After an agonising hour long update file ( my kid was desparate to play it before bed) we finally managed to get on and play a few games. The polish on this is exceptional. Everything a pickup and play game needs to be - easy to play but hard to master. Hours and hours of absorptive gaming ahead yet can duck in and out of it -simple yet perfectly executed. Music and graphics phenominal.

When you start you will think its unbalanced between the 27 playable characters but you just need to learn to counter - , its funny twitter had the same revalations yesterday as the first day of open beta. ’ Bastion is OP nerf nerf’ 8 hours later and he needs a buff :slight_smile:

Would be fun to play with some Sotonians at some point


A game that has been doing the rounds in the office chats today is Lumo, it had been something I was watching for a little while as it looks pretty awesome - but I’d missed the latest trailers etc, all of which confirm my previous thoughts.

Oh, also I believe a fellow member of this grand forum is actually responsible for (or at least partly responsible) it’s development. Good to look out for our fellow forum kin :lou_wink:


He is completely responsible. It’s his baby. Getting some nice numbers on Metacritic too.


More power to him. Wasn’t entirely sure if it was a one man job, or he was part of a team.

Yeah, I’ve seen broadly positive things, and chat groups full of designers full of excitement for launch (myself included!).


Originally posted by @KRG

More power to him. Wasn’t entirely sure if it was a one man job, or he was part of a team.

Yeah, I’ve seen broadly positive things, and chat groups full of designers full of excitement for launch (myself included!).

He’s been wanting to do a game like this for as long as I’ve known him. Left a firm to setup on his own and did the damn thing. Love seeing his game outscore stuff from major studios like Gearbox. Eat shit, Battleborne :slight_smile:


Thats amazing - total respect to the guy. Quite exciting time to be making games as there are plenty of ways to get your stuff out there it seems. Which means more innovation and less corperate shackles. My kid and I have donated to the kckstarters for Yooka laylee and A hat in time. Get a ton of info as they are being deveoped and access to sandboxes / alphas etc so for those of us ignorant of the process its fascinating. Its also a chance to actually have your input woven into the game which has been very exciting as well.


It’s super-cool.

I picked up my copy day one. I also refused to ask for a freebie. I’ve only had a quick blast so far, but have done so at 4K :lou_sunglasses:

Very nice, but very old school and intentionally no hand-holding. The fucker made me do something like 20 rooms just to get jump ability :slight_smile:

Haven’t played it that much - sorry, korruptor, but you did fucking release it four days after Fire Emblem Fates landed! And I’ve got that Mario Kart thing going on too.


My 3 year old sat in the lounge with me last weekend and I taught him mario kart - had fun on time trials to start with but eventually put him in a game - finished middle of the pack a couple of times totally un-assisted.

These are the life skills we need to be passing on