:efl: :fulhamfc: Fulham v Saints :saints: (EFL Cup - Round 2)

Its the league cup. Its across the river for me. It has to be done.

Although a midweek evening KO in London will not suit many, it looks like we have sold 80% of the away end allocated seating already. Of course, there is the “neutral” section next to it if needed.

Your going then? Almost asked yesterday, as it’s an easy journey for me and may come in handy if go all the way.

@Bucks Bucks is not that sort of person, and he’s married now too…


Just got 2 tickets for me and Mrs Bucks. Not a huge number left, which is a bit odd, so grab one quick if you want one. £15

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Careful with that hip flask if you do go!


Yes, that thought did arise. Fulham cunts :smile:

Yeah stash it somewhere they won’t look :lou_wink_2:


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I have a ticket and there are only 3 left now.



Here mate

We going out this round 2-0


We will win. @Saint-or-sinner and I will be grinning. Sod the rest of you lightweights

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I’m hoping a fair few of the kids are involved. They’re going to be used through the season, so now’s as good a chance as any.
Let me know what pub, time.

Normally do well at the Cottage.

Fulham are craven, see.

Or Cottagers so backs to the walls lads

It looks to me so far that we have played completely different in first 3 games so this one is impossible to predict.

saying that it feels like Derby away last year. 2 nil up and dodgy last 20mins

New faces. Reintegration of some “old” ones (the 25 year old pensioner Boufal being an example). We always take a while to kick into gear.

Still, it could be worse. We could be Everton :smiley:

We are getting to Putney Station around 3.30 and hot-footing it to The Bricklayers Arms.

I won’t be up until around 5:30-6 so will head straight for the Bricklayers Arms.