Fraser Forster

Fraser Forster


They’re making out he caught every light, which doesn’t seem Likely.


Fuck me, that would be mildly amusing if he was being unfairly picked on. He’s not, he’s been absolutely woeful this season. He’s been ordinary since day one, flattered by a top quality defensive set up he’s now being shown up. Get rid


Hey Duckie, talk me through your best keepers in the Premier League - who would you want?


So long as it was a chick who was a bit of a looker he would be happy.



A bit of eye candy in skimpy shorts, to confuse the opposition.


Bit of a stupid question , I’d want de Gea

If you meant to ask who do I think we should replace The Lump with , we should have addressed this in the summer as it was obvious last season that he was poor. Asmir Begovic would have been an obvious target. Need to get someone in during the window short term, and then address the issue once and for all. If reports of Poch rating Gazzaniga highly are correct it maybe worth a go at Vorm, whose pretty decent. Certainly better than FF, but then Edward Scissorhands would be an upgrade on him.


So your answer is for us to spend £100 million on a keeper.

Great idea.

Do call again.


Not impossible. Seeing as we’ll solve our striker problems by signing Torres on loan…



Is your stupidity an act?

You asked who I wanted in goal, that’s not the same question as who I do think we should buy to replace The Mummy. Although I did answer that unanswered question, so unless you think Vorm is worth £100 million your very witty response doesn’t make much sense.


Downvotes for the ‘he’s been ordinary since day one’ bollocks. Also I think he had more confidence working as part of a solid defensive unit, that he no longer has. It has to work both ways I’m afraid.


Hmm I don’t know about that to be fair. I remember being behind the goal when he conceded away to West Ham in 2014 in the match we ended up winning 1-3 and that was certainly a shot you didn’t think was in until it was under him. We then had a fantastic run where he had the league’s best defence in front of him and he was rarely called upon to make a save, but a month or two later he made another almighty cock-up away to Villa where Agbonlahor nipped in to round him. I definitely remember thinking that Boruc was better, particularly on crosses where despite being eccentric as hell, he’d pluck out the air very consistently.


I think I have eventually come up with the reaosns for Frasers problems,

He is in fact a Troll as defined by Terry Pratchet.

Look at the facts:

A feezing cold night in Manchester he was moving like lightning with agility able to position himself correctly and had his footballing brain going at the speed of Einstien.

On the Warm and Sunny south coast he is as ponderous as a three toed sloth after a pint of goats best rum. and has a football brain the sum equivelent of the braincells used on Bears Mumsnetwork

lets hope it is cold on Sunday for Bournemouth.


Fraser Forster has the sixth-best save percentage in the Premier League this season


He’s had enough shots to stop tbf


Ah but that’s not his fault…

…or is it? :lou_surprised:


Only Lukasz Fabianski (35) has made more saves than Forster (34) in Premier League away games this season.


I like this FF that we found in the last week.

Twin brother? The last time I remember he dropped by was at the Emirates in early 2016, so he can definitely stay again.


Hmmm, I noticed yesterday he was constantly parrying in the ball, twice it fell to BOurnemouth players (at pace) and they couldn’t do anything with it…


Think that’s modern GKs - not just FF. I mentioned this in the OP - are they coached not to attempt to catch the ball now, but to parry into space? If so - why?

Glad he’s had a good couple of games btw - long may it continue


I suspect that modern footballs are harder to catch than the older, heavier ones and the risk of spilling the ball is considered greater than that of parrying it away. Modern footballs are light and very bouncy; they also tend to swerve about in the air much more readily, making a catch harder to judge. A light ball is much more likely to bounce out of a catcher’s grip, whereas a heavier one will stick in the hands much more easily. As a comparison, think of how much easier a cricket ball is to catch than a tennis ball.