Fraser Forster

Fraser Forster


Sorry Chutters but can’t agree on much of this. What’s the point of supporting a club if you’re happy to simply accept your lot and settle for the realistic.

Forster gets paid a lot of money to do a job and for a long time now he can’t even get the basics right.

I’ve tried to be patient with him (mostly out of respect for @sfcsim thoughts on it) but the man’s a liability and has cost us more points in the last year or so, than Sunderland totalled last season. It’s gone beyond being simply a bad patch. He can’t catch a ball, seems completely unaware of what’s going on around him and has the body language of a shell shocked casualty of war.

He can’t even hide behind the excuse that we’ve got a shit defence. FFS Joe Hart and three kids are higher in the pecking order for that England shambles. Says it all.


… two stroke


What other keepers do we have available at the moment to replace him ?


If only we had a back up keeper good enough to be called up by England.

Oh wait…


From that F365 article posted on the Barcodes matchday thread

And then there’s Fraser Forster, who must surely rival Wayne Hennessey for the Premier League goalkeeper most out of form. Forster was only kept off the bottom of a list of regular goalkeepers sorted by save percentage by David Marshall and Claudio Bravo last season. This season that figure is far improved, but Forster is still making far too many errors in technique and decision-making. He was slow to get to his feet for Isaac Hayden’s first goal, and parried away a shot before somehow making himself smaller for Ayoze Perez’s. Neither Alex McCarthy nor Stuart Taylor constitute meaningful competition for places, and that might be part of the problem.


Used to think Fraser was “four star”.

Has looked a bit Digby for the last year.

e.g. Could not catch a cold.




Give my son a game? He is 5, but a Fraser.



He’ll be charged with stopping a speeding football propelled by professional kickers of footballs, not the fate of a cheesecake that’s just fallen off your kitchen island, FFS.

Nevertheless, get him down for a trial. Wednesday.


You turned down the chance to call him Alastair?


I see “Flight Sim” went straight over your head?


Surely ‘That’ would be a perfect name.


Don’t you mean ‘The’?


I know a Thai girl who’s name was Oy

Which I have always felt is a perfect name for a woman.


Does this make Forster 6th choice behind a lad playing in the championship?

It is probably because he was already knocking around the place with the U21s but even so…


I’m not saying he isn’t struggling…but the mistakes made this season by the keepers ahead of Fraser in this England squad would be enough for a Christmas Special on Dave.


Perhaps but they are still getting picked whilst he is moving further down the pecking order. I can only imagine it ain’t great for his personal sense of self worth!


This just about sums up the situation with Fraser (ugly Inside)

Fraser Forster has been blamed for traffic chaos on Millbrook Road last night and it has lead to an almighty backlash.

Fraser Forster drove back from Staplewood yesterday after training at around 2pm and took a route into town that saw him use the Millbook Road and Mountbatten Way, onlookers have commented that his driving appeared to be impeccable and that he looked in command and assured whilst sat at Regents park traffic lights.

However by 5.30pm the West Bound carriageway was in chaos and the queue to get on the M271 stretched back to Decathlon, motorists were in no doubt as to whom was to blame.

One Skoda driver said.

“I don’t know why he is still being allowed to drive down Millbrook Road he is clearly at fault for this traffic jam even though he was sat at home watching The Chase at the time and hadn’t even used the West Bound carriageway”

Another was more blunt as to where the problem lay.

“I read on social media that it was down to Forster crossing the road near Regents Park, he didn’t move his feet quickly enough when the little green man came on and was too slow to react, meaning that many cars had to wait whilst it flashed yellow”

Yet another said.

“It wasnt just Forster, Redmond and Tadic were to blame even though they weren’t there either, everyone knows it’s all their fault except Les Reed, I have heard that he has insisted to Mauricio Pellegrino that they have to drive home via Millbrook Road whatever their driving is like and can’t be given a lift or take the bus”

The general consensus on the Echo Message Board seemed to be unanimous, the traffic jam just wasn’t entertaining enough. a typical quote was

" Im thinking of giving up work just so I don’t have to drive into town, driving and traffic jams just aren’t entertaining enough, I was just sat there bored and i can’t justify the expense of running a car anymore unless im being entertained"

Another said

“I have been driving along Millbrook Road for 40 years and it has never been as bad as this before, the Highways Agency just have no ambition, if they had this would now be an 8 lane freeway like they have in Los Angeles with views of palm trees and stuff, not container ships”

By 5.45pm many motorists were blaming Forster and demanding that the DVLA take action, even after it was revealed that actually the problem was caused by his team mate Maya Yoshida’s Nissan breaking down on the Millbrook Flyover.

At 6pm traffic appeared to be back to normal and a spokesman for the RAC said that it had been no worse than a normal Wednesday evening and that although it was chaotic early on, a little bit of paience would soon see things back to normal.

In other Saints related news on the Echo Readers Message Board

Nathan Redmond’s house was picketed by members of the Unite Trade Union who blame him for a change in Bin Man’s hours with Southampton City Council and whose demands include a 4% pay rise, double time at weekends and Redmond never to play again for Saints.

Dusan Tadic has been accused of Brexit and Fraser Forster of inciting Catalan Independence and James Ward Prowse of being friends with Fraser Forster, Nathan Redmond and Dusan Tadic.

As for Les Reed it is all his fault that we have had four straight top 8 finishes in the premier League and a Wembley Cup Final, this would never have been allowed to happen in the old days.