🧤⚽ Fraser Forster

I’ve been saying this for a while - he’s not actually very good is he?

I know most of the focus on our problems and on what to do in the January window will be on addressing our lack of goals - but he’s a real problem

More general question- why do goalkeepers not catch the ball anymore? - coached not to? Modern balls? What…?


He did have a shite game today.

You could see the lack of confidence - Is it just a lack of confidence or is he genuinely crap?

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I’m not one of those who regularly criticise Forster but today was poor. I wouldn’t blame him for the first goal but they’re plenty else he did wrong. The first few minutes of the second half he seemed to just stand and stare at the ball as it floated around the box, hitting the bar I think at one stage. And then came the second goal. I don’t know what he was up to there. I think he went into a bit of a nose dive after making some errors and just got worse and worse.

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Think we forget players can also be human and have a shit day… think about all the things you get stuck in your mind and its easy to see how difficult it can be impossible to focus 100% on 1 thing… Fraz is alright. We are a mid table prem side with no Euro football… why do folks think we could ahve a world class top 50 keeper? We will always have keepers who are good, but have shit bits… It makes football less stressful when yo accept we dont have the best players in the world :lou_smiley:


I agree but what have the board said?

Well, he does get called up for the Engerland squad, so he can’t be all that shit…

…oh, wait :lou_facepalm_2:


Bunch of fucking liberals.


I’m not used to worrying about goalkeepers - for a non ‘big’ club we’ve pretty much always had a decent one. Shilton was one of the best ever (45 minutes every two weeks behind his goal was a master class - I could have played CB in front of him because he told you what to do! He was insulted if he actually had to make a save - but if he had to he did. He never ever shut up - you could always hear him)

Niemi, Flowers, Beasant, Jones, Davis - all very very good.

Burridge, Katalinic, Wells, Gennoe, Boruc - problems maybe but you’d still feel confident that they’d make the save. Even Grobbelaar when not chucking them in…

This fella though…

His body language is just wrong - he doesn’t seem to talk at all. Good keepers moan at their defenders even when it’s their fault! He never seems to say a word. He’s six foot lots but you’d still never bet on him getting a cross. Everything seems to be parried rather than caught

I could go on. He’s a problem I think


Dont give a fuck what the board say… they will spin… just be a realist and recognise we are where we are because the modern game means we cant realistic extpect more. We unearth a great manager and he gets poached (will be at Barca or Real one day), good players? they follow the money to. The only way a club of our size will do well is a perfect storm for one season… (like Leicester… even us in 83/r84…) talent that gells unexpectantly… then gets poached… relax or buy some more TENA

He is not good enough. He has never commanded his area. Doesn’t read the game. Poor positioning. Woeful kicking. Utterly silent. Get rid.


So when I’ve always said it you’ve dismissed it, you must be a Jonny come lately mush, this is the Southampton way. We’re the least successful largest club in the land, I accept it, I know what the board want, Liebherr sold at the right time and the Chinese will try to coast us on the cheap in the Premiership skimming off the TV money, the thing is I don’t mind that as long as the paying punter and fan is told that, the cunts won’t though will they.



No we are not the least successful largest club. We are not a large club. Get that into your thick skull and you might start posting things worth reading.

I disagree(unlike Barry. How unbelievable is that?).

With the money now in the PL, aren’t all PL clubs in the top 50(financially)?

Forster has been shit for far too long. Had a blinding spell when he came back from injury, but now makes a good save once for every ten or twenty easy saves he fails to even move for, let alone save.

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It’s a shame, he’s a real liability now. His confidence has gone.

I will stand up for Fraser, but he was poor, very poor today, again after being away on England duty. The few weeks leading up to the international break he was looking much more solid and pulled off some great saves.

Lets hope he is back on it, next game.

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Disagree with the communication. Not sure what it is like now, but he was shit hot on positioning his defence, reading the game ahead of him. Perhaps he does not have the same confidence in his defence anymore, or perhaps for some reason he is not 100% switched on.

Whatever it is it needs addressing and sorting, or we need to drop him and give some other poor fucker a chance to be moaned at. :wink:

If only you could get down for him as well, things might not look so bad.


I’m downgrading him to Threestar


On today’s showing that should be diesel. Having watched the highlights, I’d now say he was very much at fault for both goals, the second in particular. For the first I think he had the initial shot covered OK and was then left stranded when the shot was blocked straight to Hayden, but he was horribly slow to get up. The second - oh dear.