Fraser Forster

Fraser Forster


Finally- McCarthy in!

To not have been selected before he must have one arm or something- we shall see


Wonder if Kelvin had anything to do with it?


I’d be very surprised if he didn’t…otherwise what’s he there for…1st team coach must have an big input.


I heard that Kelvin got Fraser’s arm between the slats of a bunk bed and stamped on it.


A Southampton keeper just caught a cross near the penalty spot!!!


I feel sorry for Fraser…in reality it’s not his fault he was played for so long when in very poor form. Who decided to keeping him playing I wouldn’t know but I suspect it wasn’t just a manager decision…the coaching staff must have had an input.

What was noticable today was that McCarthy didn’t try to punch away one single shot or cross. The effect that had was a calming influence. When under pressure it’s great to see your keeper stnding at the edge of the penalty area with the ball in his arms, waving his defence forward while he chooses his way to set the next play in motion.

Fuck it certainly calmed me…which was nice. :lou_lol:


McCarthy has waited long enough for his chance. In any sport, especially at this level, it is all about taking the chance when you are given it. He certainly did that today. Forster is probably on twice the wages McCarthy is on, but no matter. McCarthy is in the box seat now and fair play to him. He looked like a proper goalkeeper today, something Forster hasn’t done for months. I’m sure Kelvin made the decision to drop him and give McCarthy the nod. After all, that’s his job now, making decisions that have the potential to backfire but making them anyway. Kudos to him, and to Pellegrino who obviously gave him his head to go ahead and do it. Given Forsters performances this season i think the chances of us getting a point at Old Trafford today with him in goal would have been nil. He will be hurting i’m sure, but if he is an honest professional he will know that he cannot complain. You are only as good as your last game, or in his case his last dozen games, where he surely must know he has not been good enough. Hopefully this will be the kick up the arse he needs to get back to the standards he showed when he first joined us. After all, Joe Hart is the England No 1 keeper and he can’t even get in the West Ham team so he is not alone.


Well there’s some real competition for the No. 1 jersey now - about time too.

Deffo want to see more of McCarthy, he seemed more calm and assured than FF has done all season.


According to this story, Fraser has come off his line and successfully claimed Holly Valance’s sister for a mate. Lets hope he can keep hold of her.



In other news, he definitely wouldn’t have saved that free kick from Brunt.


So FF has got off with the sister of someone famous?

That’ a bit like a mate of mine knows a bloke who knew someone who fucked someone famous.



never heard of her tbf @lets-b-drinking

But yep, fit.


Fraser back in the frame?

Fits in with what others have said re Ralph being impressed with him in training and preferring McCarthy to be sold instead…


IF he is mentally fit again then he is a good keeper. It would be senseless paying him £4mil a year until 2022 he should play for us or play for someone else.
IF he is not mentally fit then in his own interests and for his recovery perhaps he should retire
I’m all for him coming back IF he is back to his pre-knee injury best.