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:film_projector: Films I have seen


Just wait 'til you get to my age…I have to put up the sub-titles on most TV dramas I watch. :lou_sad:


Fantasy posh rough. Interesting.

I am not one of those women. Agree he seems to play similar stuff.


Welcome to my world

Actually it seems to be the quality of speakers on tvs* these days.

  • that’s televisions to you and me. But @PhilippineSaint may be able expand further :lou_wink_2:


Yep, plus the fuckin’ sound bar on our main TV has just gone kaput. :lou_sad:


You may need to expand before i can esxpand but tv’s have commentatators on for football tennis motor racing etc. Screen has no sound as ooh aaahg yess yessss is so the same in many langauges and dialects


I was going to post a picture but I don’t know what we can and can’t post on Sotonians- we all have plenty I’m sure…

@saintbletch ?


I am at home I have nothing


I have recently watched Upgrade, starring the bloke that looks like Tom Hardy but isn’t. See also Prometheus.

Despite the fact it can best be described as Knight Rider in a man also borrowing heavily from Robocop, it’s quite a smart film.


I keep asking people what films to watch on a Saturday, keep forgetting this thread. I’m inclined to trust most of your recommendations, although tonight is rugby league finals, so maybe tomorrow. I suppose its etiquette to search, but Get Out, obviously almost perfect for a horror and The Silent House was OK.

Also Bad Lieutenant, New Orleans was pretty good, made a few years back-Nicholas Cage being Nicholas Cage. Bit more nuanced than the Harvey Keitel one, assuming they’re related (films, not actors).


“Get Out” is awesome. If you like Horror films then “Heredity” is really great “vvitch” also (yes it’s spelled like that, olde english or something) The Babadook. “It Follows”


Peter Bradshaw has lost the plot of late. I’m kinda biased, I love the Coen Bros, they have also gone on record as making “One for us and One to make money” as a way of funding their films. “Hudsucker Proxy” was their big budget mainstream comedy, It lost a huge amount of money and they never really recovered.


Me and Mrs Fatso watched The Wailing tonight. It’s on Netflix. It’s pretty long at 2 and a half hours and it’s subtitled (Korean film). It’s described as a horror but it’s actually more of a mystery. Me and Mrs Fatso are still discussing it because it’s a bit confusing (I’ll using alcohol as my excuse) . It’s good…lots of suspense and twists and turns. Could do with being half hour shorter but good nonetheless.


I haven’t seen that one mate, If you and Mrs Fatso are interested an a proper “horror movie” then check out “Heredity”, low budget, old school psychological scares. Toni Colette is just brilliant. For the first 2 thirds it’s just the best horror film and without spoiling the plot there’s an event and after seems the writer lost things


The Commuter…

Don’t, just don’t…


I intend to binge-watch all these Liam Neeson action-dad films one day, just to find out why he keeps making the same film over and over again…


Just watched ‘The Blind Side’ again, nice true story that doesn’t tax your brain too much and gives you the warm fuzzy tingles, one of Sandra Bullocks’ best.


I find Fentalyn does the same thing :smiley:


I’m sure it does, just with less Oscars :lou_wink_2:


I was being flippant as usual. She did win on Oscar


I hadn’t heard too much about this film beforehand, but it’s really good. It’s from the director of Winter’s Bone. Probably the best thing ive seen this year.