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To my utter surprise, there isn’t a thread like this on here yet, despite the fact we’ve contributed over a hundred posts to specific sorts of films. That’s far too limiting. I like to talk about films I’ve seen. Here is one to start us off.

Terminator Genisys
Needless. Gratuituous. Repeats on previous themes. That’s what people said about Terminator 3 when it was released. Terminator Genisys movie sees Arnold Schwarzenegger reprise his role as a cyborg, completely shit on the T3 timeline, a movie he also starred in. Judgment Day is dialled back to 1997, as per T1 and T2, then completely messed with because they wanted to do something different.

I won’t spoil it (it does that itself) but I will remark that Arnold has twice shat on continuity because he wanted to make a quick buck. T3 utterly redeems itself by the end, I reckon. That was a decent creative choice. This? It’s your grandad’s Terminator, with your grandson’s deep knowledge of plotting (procured from TV shows, social media and video games)

Thing is, I might have been onboard. The first half hour is pretty good. The rest is Bollicksys.


Gf made me go see Gemma Bovery last night.

Firstly, I was not made aware the majority of the film was in french. This wasn’t great. I’m lazy and don’t love reading films.

Overall, it was ok. Probably better than I expected, which to be honest wasn’t a lot. There were some funny moments to be fair.

It did annoy me they way that Gemma Arterton was essentially a prop, looking longfully into the middle distance lots and the camera panned up and down her body.

On the plus side, I did get to stare at Gemma Arterton a lot.


The only movies I have seen at the cinema in the past year are Turner and that film about Stephen Hawkins. I quite enjoyed both of them; I thought the guy who played Hawkins was excellent and Timothy Spall was very good in the lead role of Turner. What I particularly liked about Turner was the scenery and the clever way they captured things like the Fighting Temeraire (one of Turner’s famous paintings) being towed up the Thames.


Also looking forward to the 2nd Maze Runner that is out this month. Also looking forward to the below.

Legend - A story about the Kray’s brothers.

Bill - about William Shakespeare before he was famous

Maze Runner 2 - about getting out of a deadly maze I should imagine.


There are loads of takes on the Spy genre at the moment. I have already spoken of my first time admiration for Kingsman: The Secret Service. The Man From Uncle is out, as is the latest Mission Impossible film. James Bond is on the way in Spectre. Spy is a comedic take on the genre pitched slightly more seriously than Austin Powers; unlike Doctor Evil, the villains are deadly and competent, even if the same cannot be said for all of our heroine’s colleagues.

I’ve not seen Melissa McCarthy in anything before, but I really enjoyed her performance here. The movie has attracted criticism for stereotyping fat people and/or single women, especially in its first act, but I like its honesty, and it all works in the context of the arc. McCarthy is a great comedic performer, and is ably supported with a fine supporting cast. Jason Statham, going for laughs again after appearing as an action hero in a series of movies, is a revelation.

The movie is vulgar and sweet all at the same time. It’s impossible not to root for McCarthy’s character, and mercifully, the movie doesn’t bother with any of the training shit you’d normally see when a “normal person” becomes extraordinary. She’s a qualified agent at the start of the movie; just shoehorned into an admin role while others took the field jobs.

Big scores on Metacritic. Not sure how it’ll hold up on repeated viewings, but the debut view was a blast. Recommended.


Aren’t they films, not movies?


Originally posted by @saintbletch

Aren’t they films, not movies?

Don’t see why they can’t be either, or both. Isn’t it.


No, bletch is quite right. The US already decide our foreign policy. I was wrong to have let them invade our language, on here of all places :cool:


I haven’t been to the flicks since the last Bond came out. So I must be due a visit in October.

I always promise to go and see some films, then decide to wait untill they are out on DVD, then wait for them to appear on TV, then record them and never watch them.

Hey ho!


I never paid much attention to the Bitch Boys. I mean, I spose I’ve heard bits of their songs on Radio, and it all sounds a bit Twee and Dad Music and Not My Cup Of Tea. But then I watched movie bout the Bitch Boys called Love & Mercy. It is good film! It is mostly about the one bro called Brian who is Genius, which is something I have often observed bout bros called Brian, but he is also bit mental, which is not something I have observed bout bros called Brian. It is about how he done his music, which was v.interesting, but also about how later in life this one psychiatrist bro was taking advantage of him + overmedicating on him + stealing his money and what not. It turns out alright in the end tho, because Brian gets to bang Elizabeth Banks.

After I watched the movie I was interested enough in Bitch Boys to download their album called Pet Sounds, and I was like, woah, this is really good album by Bitch Boys! I also like this one song called Good Vibrations cos when you listen on it properly, i.e. in full + on headphones, rather than just the 5 seconds you normally hear before you change radio station, you can hear in that song the mental instability + genius of Brian from Bitch Boys. It’s there in the jump cuts + the unusual structure + particular all the little sounds + details. I have upgraded Bitch Boys from band I would just go meh when someone mentions them, to band which i would say yeah i quite like Bitch Boys.


Do they still have Pearl and Dean adverts before it starts?


Yeah. Also you have adverts for i.e. local tyre garage. Then there is i.e. a Tom & Jerry cartoon before the movie, and then, at half time, there is a break and an ice-cream woman comes round. I wouldn’t recommend sitting in the smoking area tho, it fucking stinks.


I’m actually making a concerted effort to watch more films, because it’s getting to the point where I don’t understand films with a lot of cultural references and the median year of films I pick is 1987.


They used to have all-nighters at the ABC in Above Bar. They were excellent, although they could not have been good for the health. People chuffing away all night on ciggies. They actually had intermissions too, with ice cream. All ciggie flavoured :slight_smile:


Thank you papster, and as you’re residing in Scousefordshire it should be pronounced FILL-UMM.

I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel at the weekend on Sky Fill-ums and really enjoyed it. Very cleverly put together and a great cast.


Watched a few films on the plane on my hols (have I told you about my hols? Shall I post more pics? Vids?):

Birdman: Loved this. Michael Keaton, Ed Norton, Naomi Watts etc. Beautifully shot, dark, funny and clever.

We are The Millers: Jennifer Aniston and some bloke. Thought I was going to hate this but it actually made me laugh. I may have been over tired.

Hobbity thing (the last one): Just coz I hadn’t watched it. I’ll probably watch them all again at some point with the soundbar cranked up.

Insurgence and Divergence or something: Not the Hunger Games.


Saw Birdman on a plane too. Was a bit wary because I’ve seen all of the critical acclaim, and on viewing the fill-um, felt that it might be something critics might love because of the themes in the movie*, and the way it distilled all the evils of critics into that one character, and mostly that one scene.

I didn’t feel cheated, because there is so much else to like about that film. The performances, the anxiety, the need to be taken seriously versus the indifference of an establishment that has already decided what you are, and won’t treat you any other way. Loved the nocturnal vibe, and Keaton’s internal conflict was manifested beautifully.

On my list to watch again.

*sorry bletch, beginning to think that Fowlly D was right. Again.


I watched both of the Crank films last night in order. The sequel is almost a beat for beat do-over of the original with more outlandish versions of the same shit you saw last time, but regardless, I can’t help liking them and I think I’d have been thrilled to have seen them in the 1980s. No brain required; in fact I recommend switching it off. Fast paced and very dumb action fun.


Originally posted by @Goatboy

Watched a few films on the plane on my hols

Having not been on a plane for a few years, I have flown to Holland and Denmark in the past month.

However, no bloody films on either trip


(No more pics, please.)


This kinda stopped me EVER wanting to go to the cinema here in Dubai (that and the fact that certain people talk all the timne on their mobiles and you get arrested if you complain).

We did go to 9am IMax screenings of Into Darkness & Skyfall though and yes I will be there for Star Wars of course.

So I watch movies on planes. But for example on the way home from Vitesse I watched a great movie. Trouble is I was upgraded from Cattle Class to Business and then again to First so I don’t remember a damned thing.

Only film I remember seeing on a plane of late was Edge of Tomorrow which is possibly Tom Cruise’s finest.

I did watch a Brit Flick from 2010 on telly tonight - Thorne:Sleepyhead with David Morrisey. Now that was one very well put together whodunnit movie co-starring the sleazeball Brothel Owner from GoT, but I kinda got the feeling it was a made for TV one or something.