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First time writer directer. Really good, really beautifully shot on location in Jersey. The performances are great. It’s like a subversive take on film noir where there’s this dangerous other figure.


Ted Heath?


Airplane movies. Deadpool 2 Brilliant loved the whole self deprecating vibe.
Jurassic World 2. Why? C’mon, we did those corporate bad guys thing when Jeff Goldblum was young.


Ted Heath is dead Pap, but my username is of course a tribute.


I’ve seen The Day Today, @TedMaul :slight_smile:


Can’t disagree with any of this apart from maybe the final score, I would probably drop it down to a 4/10.

The thing of note to take from the film is that there are 8 types of fuck (Love fuck, hate fuck, sex-only fuck, break-up fuck, make-up fuck, drunk fuck, buddy fuck, pity fuck) who knew??


Note to self, in future take more notice of @Fatso’s film reviews, might save on 2 hours that I’ll never get back.


My girlfriend would probably add ‘disappointing fuck’ to that list.



It’s a film by Panos Cosmatos, It’s his second film, it’s really heavy on atmosphere and photography. The soundtrack is stunning “Jonathan Johansson”


His last soundtrack, He worked with Denis Villeneuve, Arrival, Blade Runner etc. It’s that intense overpowering thing. He died this year


Enjoyed this:


Great little film, very original in the way its shot, quirky suits this perfectly. I rather like this.


Done my duty. Took Mrs D_P to her first ever non Franchise/SciFi movie this morning.

A Star is Born.

Obviously only went because I’m in it. At Glasto with my mates - and we could actually see the “area” we were in…

It’s a reboot. It is very well done. It is a weepie.

A lot of reviews focus on the surprise of many that Gaga can actually act. For me the biggest surprise was that she can REALLY sing. Obviously because I live in this celeb free bubble down here I had no idea that Bradley Cooper was a successful Country Star before The Hangover and in fairness to him, he carries his tunes off damn well.

Yeah we all know the story, Boy meets Girl, Boy drinks too much. But it was enjoyable and yeah, the last song while not Streisand nor a song for the ages had one reaching for the sunglasses.

(Note there were only two guys in the whole cinema, I did nearly drown at some points in the movie and the theatre was surprisingly full for a 10:25am screening). IF you get dragged out to see it chaps, it IS worth seeing.


Bradley Cooper played the drunk rock star and put the movie together very well. And I would happily go listen to him sing the soundtrack in a Tent at Glasto next summer (if it meant missing Bieber or someone)