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I don’t think that’s what I’m talking about. That’s a spin off that features neither Matt Berry not Kayan Novak.

This is what I’m talking about


You’re calling everyone cunts?


Not at all, I leave that to @saintbletch!!


LOL, this looks like it could be interesting :-


Not going to be seeing a new Bond movie any time soon


Ok. I love Horror Movies, “Heredity” for the first hour was just the most intense and just built a sense of dread. Would be nice to hear from some other opinions.


The Graun rank all the Coen Bros films, from worst to best.

Inevitably, they get it completely wrong.


Quite keen to see this. Have heard it’s properly scary. I love a good scare, but am rarely scared by films.

Last one that properly got me was The Orphanage.


I just knew No Country for Old Men was going to be number 1 :lou_facepalm_2:


Have seen this available in many place but didn’t know much about it.

Will have to watch it now.


Yeah, that’s a bit of a critic’s circle jerk. Good film, but I can think of 8 or 9 better Coen ones.

That Bradshaw fella who made the list seems very down on their comedies. O Brother and Hudsucker Proxy are way too far down the list.

Not that any of it really matters, it’s just nice to be reminded of all those good films again. I’ll have to go and watch the new one.


Yeah, typical of the awards panel choices of arty farty films winning awards, just like the Revenant (which was, IMHO, a crock of turd and how DiCaprio got Best Actor for that is beyond me).


I fell asleep watching No Country… in the cinema. Really didn’t do it for me at all :man_shrugging:


I enjoyed The Revenant tbh. Don’t think Leo should win awards for it. But it was him doing what he does best; body and grunting acting. See also: Gilbert Grape and that Quaalude scene from Wolf of Wall Street.


With you on this as well. I thought it was dull, and far, far, far too long.

Was definitely an ‘it’s his time’ award, as opposed to a deserved one. Wouldn’t even put it in his top 5 films, tbh.


Oh also just remembered Tom Hardy in this. I really don’t get the hype with him.

He’s just incomprehensible, in basically every thing he does. It seems the harder he is to understand, the more people fall over themselves to lavish praise on him.


You’re a heterosexual male. You’ll probably never get him. His success is predicated on all the women that love him and fancy a bit of fantasy posh rough.


He’s an odd one. There’s a good actor in there, but there’s a lot of scenery chewing. He’s great in Legend, that film about the Krays (although it’s a rubbish film otherwise), because he properly inhabits the role(s). So often though, he’s just a bundle of physical tics and thick accents. Feels like he’s trying too hard to be Best At Acting.


And Lawless, I rather enjoyed that film…can’t disagree with the rest of your observations though


Haha I get the attraction there, he’s clearly an handsome chap, I have no difficulty seeing the attraction there, and no shame admitting it.

Yeah, I guess that’s a fair assessment. I didn’t like Legend much either, again I found it hard to understand him there too. Maybe he’s just a bit of an over actor?

I thought he was pretty good in Bronson, though again, it’s ticks and accents. Apparently he’s a natural mimic, so perhaps he picks those things up quite easily and struggles to shake them off? Scroobius Pip mentioned on his podcast that when they were driving somewhere together, he (TH) had to pull over and apologise to Pip as he picked up his stutter and wanted to reassure him that he wasn’t taking the piss.