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Rewatched Hot Fuzz last week. Classic stupidity. Really enjoyed.
My 1st long haul in a while with entertainment system this week! (Work are paying!). Gotta catch up on so many movie franchise releases I missed due to travelling :roll_eyes:


I watched this last night, quite a sweet film but was a little disappointed it wasn’t all in the style of a shit 80’s kids tv programme.


I saw that last year and enjoyed it. _
I was looking back through this thread for my review of it but gave up as I got distracted by posts from @steveintheforest and thought it’s been ages since he posted. Where you gone, Steve?

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2
4 seats to myself. New bigger screens on Emirates new 777 300
Doesn’t get much better


Sicario 2. Loved it. Genuinely tense and edge of seat stuff throughout.

Brilliant writing - a year before Trump’s policy, they write a story about Mexicans being separated from their kids at the border. There’s a bigger story about the wholesale, immediate and devastating U-turn in foreign policy because of unfavourable TV coverage.

But sod the politics, the action is dramatic and the acting is ace.

Not quite as brilliant as the first film, but close.


Hi Bucks, I liked it but I felt it missed the Emily Blunt character (A character the audience could relate to as an outsider). Also no Deakins photography. Taylor Sheridan is a great writer, but not a director. Just my opinion of course. I maybe had too high expectations as I loved the original.


I watched the film Chef this evening and I fucking loved it. It’s a lovely heart warming and funny film. It has the feel of an indie movie but is full of stars.



My flight to UK let me catch up on 2 of the Marvel franchise I had missed Guardians 2 & Black Panther.
So on the way home I watched Infinity Wars.
Which I felt lost just a bit of that Marvel Universe banter. Obviously it was a lot more “serious” than usual, and a few characters seemed to disappear from view under the weight of everything else going on.
Now with all 16million permutations for the battle and only 1 successful outcome I should not have been surprised at the ending, yet did feel a bit “cheated”

Then watched Last Jedi.
I am really not sure what exactly that added to the storyline. 2.5 hours of being chased in space and Rylo whatever is going to become Darth 2.
Well I think we got that anyway.
Just felt that Episode VII introduced a new reality and opportunities and VIII just fizzled along with a "lets get Luke to be a dick and Leia to be Mumsy.


I just watched “Look who’s back” (Er ist wieder da) on Netflix. It’s a really good film. I’d give it 8.5/10.
Hitler comes back to modern Germany through some quirk and is paraded on TV as some kind of comic act. It’s very funny and also very scary. A lot of the filming in the first half is unscripted footage of Germans agreeing with the views of the “comic” Hitler - it’s quite disturbing. Its a great film about the nonsense of modern life (Hitler hates the way we waste modern technology like TVs with cooking shows) and how easy it is to fall into the path of the far right - what they say seems to make sense and resonate, the powerful elites don’t help the working classes.
The actor who plays Hitler is fantastic. He almost sent shivers down my spine.


I read the book first and really enjoyed it but thought the film wouldn’t be as good.

I was wrong. As you say, it was really good.


I’ve just seen Ant Man and the Wasp. A superior sequel which widens the scope of the first movie a great deal. With that pesky character establishment out of the way. the film makers had a lot more time to play with their toys, and it’s a great deal of fun.

A nice change, just as it was in Homecoming, not to have a world-ending baddie. All the motivations in this film are personal and easy to understand. Walton Goggins has a fine time hamming up proceedings as a B villain.

Inventive and very funny. Much better than I thought it was going to be.


I watched “First they killed my father” tonight. It’s a great film. It’s about a small girl and her family and what happens to them in the Cambodia-Vietnam war. Really moving and worth watching. It’s weird to think that the main child character would actually be my age-ish and you forget this all happened in our (my) lifetime. She puts in an astonishing performance for someone of her age.



Where’d you see that Fats? is it on netflix?


Yes, Netflix.
I’m having to watch a bit of Toast to stem the tears.


Started watching “What We Do in the Sahdows” last night, it’s a mocumentary about Vampires (and other undead) living in Wellington, New Zealand.

Directed by Taika Waititi, him of “Thor: Ragnarok” fame.

Very funny and worth a watch.


It’s excellent and is currently being made into a series with Matt Berry and Kayvan Novak.


Aye indeed “Wellington Paranormal” is what it is.

I thought I’d watch the film before watching the series.


Also, you really should have said Taika Waititi, him of “Hunt for the wilderpeople” fame.


Aye, but knowing the demographic of this forum more people would have seen Ragnarok than Wilderpeople…