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Is it that bad?


It’s worse than that, Ted. I just can’t be arsed to give any more time to reviewing it.


Well that seemed like a review.


was your friend in it?





Ok, well if you hadn’t watched a godawful film :laughing:


Saw Solo yesterday and loved it. Had zero expectations but it was a decent heist film with plenty of decent twists and turns. Lots of lovely fan service and some cracking cinematography.

Don’t really care what the critics are saying , I enjoyed it.

Warwick Davis with a rocket launcher a highlight


I saw it at the weekend too and was more than pleasantly surprised. Seeing the early stages of Han’s relationship with Chewie and Lando was a treat.


See film first?

Read book first?

Bullshit argument both are exceptional and stand alone or together.

Ready Player One £2.99 on Amazon you won’t leave the beach until you finished it


Are Franchises getting greedy?

I missed Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the cinema. Then before I had a chance to see the movie on Pay TV Black Pantger comes out while I am travelling thenInfinity War comes out. But I can’t easily watch that having missed part of the story, so I miss Infinity Wars.

Star Wars Last Jedi comes out I’m travelling do I want to see Solo? No because I want to see them in order.

So my point is, would the studios be better served giving us time to catch up? Do we need 4 or 5 franchise films a year? Is it creativity or greed?


Got round to watching “The Witch” . Really well made low budget horror film. Set in the warly 1600’s, the attention to detail etc. The dialogue was taken directly from historical texts. One of those movies that stays with you after viewing. Only issue being that Chris Finch … Finchy out of the Office played the lead


Disney have overplayed their hand with the Star Wars franchise. Solo is at the moment $50m loss and that’s a problem.


Home alone. Blew the week’s budget on beer on Wednesday so marooned for a few days with Netflix.
(Alright I actually NEVER want to drink alcohol again. Well, at least for a few days)

So watched “This is how it ends” a Netflix exclusive “post apocalyptic” movie with Forrest Whittaker.

It bumbles along hopefully for a while, it has a roadtrip theme, but like the occupants of the road trip the movie doesn’t seem to have a map.

And the ending? I just hate those sorts of AND? endings.

Meh it stopped me stalking a lonely Cobham on the pickled thread so that was it.


I’m stalking you though fella



That’s because it was, quite frankly, gash


I liked this too, but would have been better if it had been more ambiguous like Dreyer’s Day of Wrath


Got in a few films on the plane journey out of the UK
Shape of Water - I enjoyed but wasn’t completely aware of the plot but can see the similarities to some old B movie films.
Paddington Bear 2 - what’s not to like about a clumsy bear who eats marmalade sandwiches??
Lady Bird - this got a load of hype. It’s nice enough story about a girl coming of age.
Opps forgot Isle of Dogs a Wes Anderson animation film. Lots of famous voices in it. I enjoyed it.


Like @Intiniki, I have some plane watches to log.

I enjoyed Game Night, as I tend to do with a lot of stuff Jason Bateman is in. Bateman is a games geek that has an estranged relationship with his cooler, older brother, who comes to town to set up the ultimate game night for his baby bro. Kyle Chandler, Rachael McAdams and Sharon Horgan all contribute to a lively romp that brought back memories of (cough, splutter) Adventures in Babysitting, which incidentally, had a much cooler moniker in the US, where it was known as Night on the Town.

I got told off for not having seen too many Wes Anderson films, so I have also watched Rushmore since getting back, without really knowing anything about it. It’s ultimately a rather sweet film, but it has a lot of devious fun getting there. Already on my rewatch list. I think it’s of a similar ilk to the Big Lebowski. Once you know what it is, you can sit through it and enjoy it all the more.


Watched Deadpool 2 last night. Not as good as the first but still plenty of comic book violence and plenty of piss-taking / puerile humour.

I liked it a lot.

The tried to watch The World’s End for the umpteenth time but can never get into it so watched Hot Fuzz instead again for the umpteenth time. Still a classic