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Decent true story drama about a break out by Republican prisoners from HMP Maze in Belfast during ‘The Troubles’.


Little Roundup of movies I’ve watched while stuck in the middle of the Caspian Sea:-

Thor Ragnorok - Really good fun movie, show stolen by the Kiwi Alien.

The Man with the Iron Heart - Good War Biopic about Nazi Arsehole (even moreso than other Nazi’s) and the assanation plot against him.

Justice League - Absolute steaming pile of cack. After the brilliance of the Nolan Batman movies, and how good Wonder Woman was, everyone involved in this should imeediatly resign from ever being involved in film.

21 Jump Street -Very funny movie. Classic slapstick, rubbish cops.

22 Jump Street - They should have left it.


Tyke has recently introduced Mrs CD and me to Guardians of the Galaxy (both parts). The films were funny as and the soundtracks are awesome. Enjoyed it so much that we now own the cds as well as the dvds ! If you want some easy viewing it’s right up there.


Anyone else think American Hustle was just a bit too long? I fell asleep before the end.


Kid Goat went to see Ready Player One today. Apparently it was cool.

This is the whole of her review.

I recommended the novel to pap a while ago.

Kid Goat is astonished that it’s a book too.



Me and Mrs Fatso watched “Downsizing” earlier. Its a good film. It has the potential to be brilliant, but falls short as it fails to develop some great ideas. It’s about people who shrink themselves down to a tiny size 0stensibly to save the world/resources but really its because its so much cheaper to live as a small person. Anyway, it’s a really interesting idea that had me thinking but then it just kind of stopped trying. I think it forgot what the point was. It could have made a big statement but in the end it didnt. Anyway, an enjoyable film.



Ready Player One. Hope Spielberg is on form. Popcorn munching time

Netflix. Game Over Man

Gross, gratuitous use of penis shots and exploding things.

Tries to be a cool “Dude” type movie.


But it still elicited some snorks. And almost worth watching for the way they “abuse” Shaggy… Sing that song man…

Looking forward to watching something decent tbh


Just back from what must be the most entertaining trip to the Cinema we’ve made.

Nostalgia ain’t waht it used to be…

Ready Player One is beyond Cool. It is an Epic - a total Cult film you will watch again and again. It may also be a Marmite Movie.

For me?

Spielberg is back to his best bringing out that inner kid in all of us.

The movie has huge flaws, the pacing is erratic - the 3rd act loses some pace (for which I forgive him) the ending is sort of not quite whelming. In one way the entire movie is designed to simply dig into the psyche of every movie goer and tug the nostalgia key.

You could say it is a rip off of Avatar or every movie ever made. And THAT is the point - the genius - or the Marmiteness.

Just sit back, pop a can of Tab and listen to Duran Duran…

There is a moment of everything, from every cult movie ever made (and some bloody great bits of some great 80’s tracks), ll set in a Distopian Universe.

Rush, Van Halen, Depeche Mode, Hall & Oates New Order, Blondie, Springsteen, Howard Jones, Aha and many many more the soundtrack alone is epic

I’m no Gamer or Manga or KPOP - Mrs D_P even less so, but we recognised so much, Super Mario to Godzilla, Asteroids to the Atari 32. New Order to, well, Jack Nicholson.

The opening storyline leads into our first immersion in a game. It truly was the most immersive 3D I’ve watched - felt really dizzy at times and there was just SO much going on!

Gang, this TRULY is a movie you have to see in 3D and preferably in IMax while you can. You won’t applaud at the end but everyone in the cinema had a silly grin on their faces as they walked out.

It won’t change the world, win awards for best script or best actor. It will simply tug on the emotions of our memories - and when he does that, Spielberg is at his best.

Bloody Loved it.And yes it really is as Cool as Fuck.

And yes it could have been even better but then

“I’ve never seen The Shining”


I recommend “The Shining” Phil. Kubrick took the novel and elevated into something quite amazing.


His treatment of Shelley Duvall was awful though.



Will watch it AN. One of those I’d forgotten and beer caught.

Spielberg just made an epic “moment” out of all of us who never saw it

Cliched and clever and funny in context in the movie


No need to link youtube clips SB. Just post directly in dialogue box.


Saw A Quiet Place last night.

I really enjoyed it, but fuck me it was both excruciating and exhausting.


Doing an Ostrich impression today. Fingers in ears not checking scores lalala.

So watched Spectral on Netflix.

It’s not shit.

Plenty of leap of faith plot holes but kept me excited enough to not want to curse our luck with the other games.

So yes better than hiding behind the sofa.

God I picked a bad weekend to stay off booze so my Tuxedo fits for a gig Tuesday night


2017 update on the famous Trainspotting speech … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgsfVJMWL0E

The sequal is really quite good.


Netflix. Bright.

Imagine Lord of the Rings meets an in form Min Will Smith in an LAPD gritty drama.

Very entertaining 1hr 57 mins and great material for a spin off universe.

Get your Shrek like self back to Fiona or something like that…

Excellent fun and no blue unicorns.

Blue fairies instead


Went to see “A Quiet Place”. It’s a kind of high concept horror/thriller, which may sound alarm bells. But it’s one of the best films i’ve seen recently. Really convincing and beautifully acted. It’s just designed to be horrifically tense, and it is.


We watched “What happened to Monday”. It is awful rubbish. I’ve read some reviews on line which seem to say this is a good film and the acting by Rapace is great. It’s not. The acting is terrible as is the script as is the story. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and should be removed from Netflix in case it puts people off subscribing to the channel. One of the worst films I’ve seen in ages.


What did happen to Monday?