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Well it certainly gives salt-lick a new meaning.


You lot are all fucking sick!!


Watched Darkest Hour last night.

Great movie, but more for the History Geeks than the action loving!


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2nd li k in it to tv shows



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Nobody mention Sock :lou_angry:


“Annihilation” on Netflix. Watched it yesterday and it’s one of those films that’s stays with you. Alex Garland wrote and directed. The last act is something else. It was made a year ago but Paramount decided it was too “intellectual” to distribute so sold it to Netflix :lou_facepalm_2:


How far did you get BT? The last 20 minutes are very very different! The build up (the majority) is largely devoid of action partly to concentrate on the characters and partly because the ending is so explosive.

It may not have been me you are referring to, but I certainly enjoyed that film. One scene will always stay with me!


Yeah, once they got to the cave it got better…I’m presuming that one of the cave scenes is the one that will stay with you…


I, Tonya is absolutely fantastic. One of the best movies I’ve seen for a while. Really well done, and the acting (they compare with real footage in the credits) is unreal, especially Tonya Harding’s mother and the deluded bodyguard. Uncanny,

Three Billbourds outside Ebbing Missouri would be one of the best movies I’d seen for a while if the ending didn’t completly ruin it. Well worth a watch, but could have been so much better!


I really liked the 3 billboards ending, it did leave things open ended but I liked that. Would be interested in why it ruined the film for you.


I’m not a fan of open ended finishes full stop. If I invest my time in a movie I want to know what the conclusion to the story was. Just a personal thing I guess. I was probably over the top in saying it ruined it as such, but it took it from a 9 to a 7.


Brawl in Cell Block 99.

Recommended to me by my brother. Lesson learned. Do not listen to brother. Up there with the worst movies in history. Absolute dogshit from start to finish. Not even in the so bad it’s good category, just a mind numbing complete waste of time. Everyone associated with the making of it should do actual prison time for crimes against Art.


I watched this today and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also watched The Shape of water, which is good but I enjoyed the deer film more.


Cool, they are both good movies, but not he same type. Killing of a Sacred Deer is a very overtly political film. Shape of Water is pretty much an old fashioned love story.


Guillermo del Toro tried to make the film for 30 years. Still it had a really tiny budget for a fantasy movie.


What do you mean when you say it’s overtly political?


Amazing film. Left me all a tingle which is unusual these days :sunglasses:

Innovative but generic complex but simple. Shades of every horror movie in a forest through to Evolution but unrelenting tension yet…

Gripping in the same way as Ex Machina and then to avoid spoilers so Alex Garland.

Yes that’s going to stay with me.and it will be a cult classic I am sure.

And breathe.


I probably read too much into it to be honest. Greek director, it’s just pretty surreal.