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Well, it filled in some time and me and Mrs C_S played our favourite game of pointing out plot / script inconsistencies - it wasn’t all bad tbf.


Went to see “I Tonya”. Really good. Margot Robbie is really great. It’s kind of a docu drama but quite even handed.


Wow. where did last week go?

So 8 hour commute each way for a business meeting gave me time to catch up on some zzz’s but also a couple of movies on the plane, one each way.

Outbound I watched Thor Ragnarok.

It’s kind of annoying, once again Marvel deliver a great movie, and solid entertainment, and Thor gets a haircut.

It’s entertaining again as they always are, but.

Yeah, perhaps that should be BUT.

Asgar is under threat. Again.

And then there are the “In-Jokes” look I get them, they are funny, especially the 2 chicks who spot Thor & Loki on Earth and ask for a Selfie. BUT.

The list of actors they have signed up now means that you ask yourself IF they are being wasted. We see Dr Strange for what? a few seconds? Idris is clearly a hero in the story but how much screen time?

It’s a very minor misgiving, not a moan, but something the core Universe have to be caareful of because Asgar is now gone and become Norway or something. And I didn’t really care.

But it’s a great film.

On the way home finally got to see Bladerunner 2049.

Obviously a great film, obviously created superbly. A decent plot, homage to the core story. Clearly a 9 our of 10 film. But again I found myself asking if Mrs D_P (who would not have seen the original) would have understood it at all, and I think then it became maybe too “vague”. Which then made me wonder whether they were finally making the much needed sequel OR they were setting up to start a new “franchise”?

So that annoying question then made the ending different. Then it opens up new doors, then it means we’ll likely have Blade Runner 2051, 53 and so on. Which meant the film didn’t give closure to the story. Bollocks.

Finallyh some light relief, a piece of utter nonsense on Netflix.

True Memoirs of an International Assassin

Kevin James as a cubicle worker who dreams of writing “Action Thrillers”. We’ve seen thousands of these nonsense formulaic American movies not least of which was Tropic Thunder.

It was fomulaic, it was nonsense, we’ve seen all the stunts gags and twists before. They’ve always had a hot chick and a muppet hero. This is no different. But then tbh Zulay Heano is steamingly hot.

Related image

I’m sure the two Dudes playing the deranged $17,000 a year CIA idiots have played the same roles hundred times.

But you know what, it was utter drivel nonsense.

And utterly stupid.

And of course we laughed at it because of that stupidity. In fact we really enjoyed it’s utter crapness.

Grab a beer chill out and have a laugh at Paul Blart Mall Cop doing a remake of Tropic Thunder as an Author not a Movie Star.


Journey’s End - as a kid I loved war films and would be out playing “war” as soon as they were over. Since Saving Private Ryan I can’t sit through one without feeling anxious and thankful it wasn’t me. Not as visceral as many war films now and concentrates more on how war affects the people fighting mentally and emotionally. There a are few Baldrick moments from Blackadder Goes Fourth but it is well acted a very affecting.



I dont think I have ever seen something so affecting. I know nothing can replecate the experience of actually being there, but it did give you a feeling of what hell those poor guys went through.

I have been trying to think of decent WW1 movies. The original b/w All Quite On The Western Front is an all time classic but I cant think of any others. I havent seen War Horse so cant compare that. I understand that a film is to be made of Birdsong. That would make a good movie.


Yeah, @sadoldgit I, too, enjoyed watching war films and playing war games as a kid. I agree that Saving Private Ryan is a very powerful depiction, but it was the poetry of Wilfred Owen that first brought home to me the true horror and senseless waste of war.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of errors in the credits at the end of the third video: Owen fought for the British Army in WW1, not the French; he was killed in a action one week before the end of the war, his mother receiving the dreaded telegram as the church bells were ringing to celebrate the armistice.




I started watching The Killing of a Scared Deer last night, I had to give up…


“Sacred Deer”, It was quite melodramatic.


“Paths of Glory” has to be up there. For me though, “Dr Strangelove” is the greatest example of the insanity of war/conflict. It’s absurd but then … Nuclear annihilation takes place because one US general can’t get an erection. He blames it on a communist plot to poison American water :laughing: Made at the height of 1960’s Russian paranoia. It’s utterly brilliant.



It’s a different film. The killing of a scared deer is quite horrific. The poor little thing.


I watched Thor, which was a little long, quite silly but actually made me laugh a few times.

Then I watched Death of Stalin, which I enjoyed but fully get why some wouldn’t. I purposely watched it when Mrs Fatso was out. She’d have hated it.

Oddly, I laughed more at Thor.


Someone recommended Bone Tomahawk a while ago, I started watching it last night and didn’t really think much of it TBH.

Looked on IMDB nd it has a 7.1 rating


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Sorry mate, it is what it is though…


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