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Watched Kingsman: The Golden Circle the other night.

Loved the first one, so had high expectations.

They should have left it. Absolutely terrible, with all of the charm and comedy of the first movie completelly lost.


Totally agree. I watched it in IMAX and it really is the only way to watch it. I loved every second of it, but I can’t see how it will translate to a TV.


Welcome gwc!


My junior at work was raving about Snowpiercer so I watched it :lou_facepalm_2:

I don’t know who wrote the IMDB reviews but they obviously didn’t watch the same film as me, the character names and actor list must be coincidental!

It’s an allegory for a crock of shit, avoid at all costs. I didn’t even watch it to the end it was that bad…


I have just finished ‘Brawl in Cell Block 99’.

Wow. Possibly the biggest pile of old cack I’ve ever sat through.

I’m not sure what it is supposed to be? Comedy? Spoof? Action? Drama? Thriller? It fails at all of them. It’s just a dull movie that I think is supposed to be kitsch, like the Machete movies but fails miserably.


I liked it. I think the only mistake they made was bringing Colin Firth back.

It’s got the fucking Dude in it, man.

Or El Duderino, if you’re not into that whole brevity thing.


Agree about Colin Firth, that whole angle was weird and unneccessary!


It won’t win any awards but I found it funny


I watched it tonight with Mrs Fatso at the cinema. I thought it was brilliant.


I saw this recently and remember being disappointed whilst watching it but now can barely remember anything about it… which isn’t a good sign.


Yeah it was a bit bit of a wasted opportunity, It was really flatly directed. Edgar Wright or whatnot would have elevated it. It made me laugh :blush:



I watched T2 (trainspotting). Much better than I anticipated.



So as to combat jet lag I just watched films on the plane yesterday. So many films.

Victoria & Abdul - alright

The Beguiled - fell asleep through it (may have been the G&T/Wine combo or it was a bit boring).

Home Again - Reece Witherspoon nonsense.

IT - not scary at all and just made me think about Stranger Things and Stand by Me (I know, also written by same writter).

Think there was a 5th one but cannot remember it.


The other one was Baby Driver. You’d think I’d remember as it has rave reviews. I didn’t even with disgraced Kevin Spacey being a creepy criminal mastermind and other stars also appearing.


Man. I just read this as ‘Home Alone’ and have just spent a good 10 minutes trying to work out which of the McAllister daughters was played by a young Reece Witherspoon. I had just settled on ‘the blond one’ when I read it again.


Last night’s Movie - The Snowman.

Wasn’t expecting much as reviews have been poor, but I actually really enjoyed it. Nice little twist and turns serial killer romp set in picturesque Norway!

The only thing that I didn’t like was the need for the hero (Michael Fassbender) to be flawed with alcoholism. It’s a bit of a cliche now that isn’t it? Clever detective has addiction issue? Sherlock Holmes started that FFS…


The most beautifuuly shot film.


Wind river

3 billboards