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Magnolia’s an old movie of course, if you haven’t seen then WHAT THE FLIPPING HELL! watch it. I’m still drunk so will be posting Aimee Mann soon :slight_smile:



Damn she’s lovely


“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri” Watch it just for Frances McDormand’s performance. It’s an actors movie but she’s just incredible. It’s quite focussed on the characters but the story works around them. The characters end up more rounded at the end. The ending is pretty controversial



Also, it’s Amelie with the visual style and Del Toro’s politics, It will be looked at as a genre movie. It’s a satire of 50’s America. It’s moving and funny.


Darkest Hour - amazing. Not just for Gary Oldman’s tour de force performance and transformation into Winston Churchill but it works also as a reminder as to how close we came to throwing in the towel against Hitler.


Gave `Miss Sloan’ the attention most Jessica Chastain movies deserve and enjoyed it, although its not without its faults. It focuses on Washington’s most in demand lobbyist who is trying to help support a bill that im,poses regulations on firearms. Her character is a little too over the top for me, but I guess you have to embelish otherwise the subject might be a little too dry.


Three Billboards and The Shape of Water are typical Oscar Best Film material, saying that I did enjoy both of them.

Loved the 3 main protaganists in 3 Billboards and liked how they were developed, won’t say more for fear of giving it away.

Shape of Water was plain weird but brilliant at the same time. Good to see Saru get an outing as another creature, he is getting quite typecast isn’t he…


Went to see 3 Billboards last night, it was really, really good. It’s quite bleak in it’s depiction of grief and loss but at the same time balances it with the absurdity of it all. It’s a fantastic screenplay, the dialogue is real and funny., the timelines shift around but it makes sense.

Frances MacDormand will get the acclaim, as she should but Sam Rockwell was so convincing .


I am due to watch Three Billboards on Friday night (at home :wink:) and I am really looking forward to it. Will report back.


I got though 4 films on the plane out to Thailand.

Goodbye Christopher Robin. I enjoyed it as a fan of Winnie-the-Pooh and also interesting to see how the stories came about but the commercialisation of it and the impact on a small child.

Film stars don’t die in Liverpool - probably wouldn’t have been on my radar but is another biographical film. I thought it was very well acted. Just read the bio of the film star and now wondering about her and relaionships. She probably should have been arrested.

Captain Underpants:the first epic movie. Pretty sure Mark Kermode recommended this. Completely silly. Kept me somewhat awake

Crooked House - Agatha Christie whodunit. Fabulous sets and costume but I worked it out maybe reading too many of her books as an 11 year old didn’t help.


Wow, what an incredibly thoght provoking film. I mean I don’t know how close to reall life it is but the intrigue and sheer nastiness of it was something.

Pierce Brosnan played brilliantly I thought.

A must see


Three Billboards: basically what Saint Bristol said. Deeply dark, moving and yet in places, very funny when it is least appropriate. Brilliant. Would love to know how audiences in MIssouri are reacting!


Oscar nominations are in. “Shape of Water” is looking like the one. 13 noms. 3 Billboards and Dunkirk (GoatBoy’s fave) 8 and 7. Dunkirk is mainly technical though. The voting academy are 90% actors and have no interest in that camera and editing stuff.

No best film nom for Blade Runner 2049 which is crazy really. If Roger Deakins doesn’t win for Blade Runner (he’s been nominated 14 times and never won) The academy don’t like genre movies.