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It should be no surprise that I enjoyed Kingsman 2. I’m a big fan of the original. and loved its simple but effective council estate mush becomes James Bond plot device. By far the most controversial part of the film, Colin Firth’s return after getting killed the last time out, was handled pretty deftly. Firth acquitted himself with all the zeal of someone that no longer has to go to college with @fowllyd and @so5-4bw . He really is that good.

Mark Strong, a favourite of director Matthew Vaughn, is also very good. The Dude himself (El Duderino, if you’re not into that whole brevity thing) rolls up as head of Statesman, the non-Union whisky toutin’ counterpart over in the US.

Though they never share a scene, Julianne Moore, a.k.a. Maud Lebowski, also graces this movie with her presence. She is the major antagonist, and gleefully hams it up to great effect, having as much fun as Samuel L seemed to in the first movie.

It’s not Amelie (excellent choice, @saintbristol ), but it is very good at what it does.


I also really liked the first Kingsman, as well as “Hit Girl”. Same team. They just balanced the whole comic book, comic action and cultural reference thing beautifully. Kingsman 1 had “that” scene where they kinda pushed the envelope. Especially for a mainstream US audience. Julianne Moore and Mark Strong are both amazing, I just found that it veered a bit too much into broad parody (Austin Powers) whereas the first one was more engaging.

Then what the hell, i’m a pretentious movie smartass :laughing:

BTW, not sure you realise but Matthew Vaughn is an avowed Thatcherite and donor to the Conservatives :slight_frown:


Sad news about the Thatcherite tendencies, but it’s a lot easier to separate the art from the artist on this one. He knows how to make a film. The first Kick Ass has a greatness which creeps up on you. These two Kingsman films get the balance just right. Austen Powers nailed its landing in the first film. I do enjoy the sequels, but they make the original look retrospectively subtle and charming.

The first movie was already pretty ridiculous. Its denouement features perhaps the most beautiful mass decapitation scene ever filmed. The second just continues that fine tradition. Another thing I really like about these films are the classic old school supervillain with machinations on the world, a la Drax or Blofeld.

I enjoyed that sort of thing enough when I was a kid, they were encased in Roger Moore James Bond films, and were pretty shit by today’s standards. I think I’d have lost my shit if I’d seen something like Kingsman back then.


Having spent a lot of hours going nowhere on planes saw some movies

The Dark Tower. Too short to allow character depth tbh. Travesty naming it after the books but tbh filled 90 minutes of time killing adequately

Spiderman homecoming never been a fan of these although the previous reboot had some moments. This was much better with the whole integration into The Avengers Universe enjoyed the nonsense but wouldn’ pay to watch

Valeria and the meh whatever. Opening scenes after they fired iss into space were truly wonderful visions of alien science fantasy - with no idea what was going on. Then descended into utter drivel. First sci do movie I’ve ever switched off before 30 minutes. Expensive disaster

Despicable Me 3. Repetitive formulaic tosh. And as always totally lovable. You know you’d only pay to go if you have young kids but also know you’ll see it 10 times and always feel happy bit like slipping on a Morecambe & Wise Xmas special with a glass of your favourite tipple.

Few more to find for the holiday flight Sunday!


just finished watching ‘The Foreigner’ on netflix, revenge thriller with Jackie Chan, enjoyed it quite a bit and his best film since his stuff like police story and armour of god. Good to see him playing a straight faced role too.


Just watched Mother! and gotta agree with Fats … amazing film full of tension, real edge of the seat stuff!!

Best film I’ve seen for a long, long while even if did leave me wondering what it was all about


I started to watch the new Indiana Jones film the other day before I realised I’ve already seen it and it isn’t new, it’s from 2008. It was shit - just like all the others.


I watched a film called “Now you see me”. It’s about magicians and starts off very promisngly. There is the potential for an enthralling story but they throw it all away trying to be too clever and it just turns to shit by the end.



A little harsh. Raiders is very good. The third one - the Last Crusade with Sean Connery - is not bad. The other two are shit though.


Been catching up with some of the films people have been telling me to watch over the last year.

John Wick Chapter 2 - Balletic gun-shoot-wank-porn, just like John Woo used to do. Plus you get Keanu Reeves trying to sound convincingly suave in foreign languages, which is a treat. Great fun.

Get Out - Probably the best twist on the trad horror genre I’ve seen in recent years, whilst managing to be a satire on liberal attitudes to race and slip a load of decent jokes in without breaking the tension.

Lady Bird - Beautiful, gentle comedy about the turmoil of adolescence; great acting all round. Made me weep like a miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary.

All highly recommended.


OK @fatso I have taken yur recommendations on board and have sourced The Foreigner and Mother.

If neither are to my satisifaction I will go all Bryan Mills on your ass!!


So my cheap flight on Gulf Air meant 6 movies to choose from.

Unfortunately 5 were cheap the 6th was derivative psterile garbage -

Alien Covenant.

What is this big idea of making films about idiots in space on that universe.

So a robot wants to create a new race. What does that have to do with anything that went before.

I ended up sleeping all the way.



Actually it was so bad I’d rather watch all of Ralph’s interviews back to back


It’s a shame when a half decent concept (an artificial life trying to create life) is delivered so poorly, with terrible characters, actors and schlocky set pieces.


The Shape of Water’s is worth a watch. Interspecies romance :laughing:


Dolphin fucking?


Jeez Fatso mate, It’s an award winning drama, Guillermo Del Toro. It’s a spanish Dolphin Porn Movie


I’ve got some sites that I visit for my dolphin porn already but thanks for the heads up.


Plus I’m not keen on subtitles.


It’s my birthday in 3 mins