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A family film for a Saturday evening?

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(Not the Coventry takeover saga. One man against 40 odd Nazis and all that a minefield can provide for their dismemberment)

There is humour in there but you have to look very hard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::exploding_head::bomb::axe:


Looks like fun!! :wink::joy:

My best mate has recommended that I see this.

My short review is:

Machete meets Scandi Noir, glorious bloody carnage ensues. Fun for all the family :sunglasses:

Amazon to rent.

What a wonderful little film.
A caring look at old age in small town America when an Alien spaceship crashes in Milton’s garden.

A budget of $100 and wonderful actors. Ben Kingsley is superb and the alien so simple yet so clever

Whimsical, sweet, caring

Close Encounters of the lonely kind

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Not on prime video uk apparently

Oh DM for link

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Tar! :+1:

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Watched Sisu today. Very silly and plenty of carnage as you rightly suggested. :+1::axe::boom:

A million miles away

Second little gem in a row

The true story of the son of a Mexican Migrant Farm Worker in the states who told his teacher he wanted to be an Astronaut
Michael Pena plays Jose Hernandez

Amazon Prime