👨‍🔬 Experimenting with Google Perspective

:man_scientist: Experimenting with Google Perspective


Why the fuck would he do that?


@saintbletch this filter sucks balls


Bletch has basically handed over all control of the forum to Google.

What a corporate cunt he is.

edit - no warning


Did you first do a CTRL + F5 or if on mobile/tablet Force Close the app and try again.

There is something odd that once it’s warned you it doesn’t seem to warn you again for a while / at all in that topic.

That said, Discourse is so parameter-driven that if it was going to ignore things for a while - I’d be able to define what a while is. And I can’t so I’m not sure what is going on.

I can dial up the level of scrutiny but we’ll get lots of false positives.


I just tried to type something really offensive but then I heard sirens so thought I’d better delete it and turn the lights off.


I hope you’ve put the colander on your head.


So, remind me again why this thing is a good idea?


I’m experimenting with it. No other reason.

We don’t really need it on Sotonians as nearly anything goes and when anything is deemed not to go, the membership is asked to self-moderate.


And it drew all the potty mouths like a moth to a flame.



If it has proven one thing, it is that anarchy rules on this site.



@saintbletch is Discourse a google tool?
If yes, are you a salesman for google?
I have had to change google three times now and typing salesman offered me salesperson.
What the fuck have you done?


I couldn’t find it but I’ve got a calendar. Hopefully that will do.


In case you were wondering:


That’s not going to help is it?



See above, but no.

What the fuck are you on about?

See above.


The “what the fuck are you on about” bit, was a general thing, rather than a Discourse thing. Tech seems to be more leading, than predictive of the user(offering me things i don’t type as a preference, rather than the words i regularly use).



Nothing to do with me, Discourse or our use of Google, mate.

Everything we do starts from when you press the Reply button.

Everything before that is between you and your phone/tablet.


My phone has learnt to predict “about” as “shit”. It is a fault in the technology and had led to some unnecessary texts.


What happened to that other great feature “wank word”? I really enjoyed that.