👨‍🔬 Experimenting with Google Perspective

:man_scientist: Experimenting with Google Perspective


Fat fingers, more like.


It’s still there waiting to be found*.

I’m fed up waiting the wank phrase that hasn’t been found is “I agree with fatso”.

* It isn’t. It was cruelly canned by popular demand.


Oh, thats a terrible shame


I agree, and by expressing that sentiment, you’ve actually swung the vote back in favour of re-instating it.

I’m on it.


My Malaysian back t back is a fucking wanker cunt arsehole for not turning up to work today


Its true but got flagged turn this thing off Beltch or I will have to fucking get an Auto click set up on the continue posting button you cunt.


which surprisingly did not get flagged.


Like I’ve said, Phil, I think it warns you once and then thinks it’s done it’s job and multiple subsequent transgressions are ignore.


well if it has the power of three strikes and your out we might as all well pack up and go home.

Oh I cant my fucking cunt of a Malaysian back to back hasn’t turned up the cunt.


I think your right Beltch.


Oi, I resemble that remark, you micro dicked, inbred, Portsmouth loving horse fucker


This thread seems to have turned into an anger management therapy session.

Have at it.



For some reason I couldn’t post quoting your original post- so to respond via an edit:

How very dare you sir
That was never proven…



Should of read that AI is excellent at detecting patterns in what it’s been trained in. And by Implication it lacks accuracy in sets it hasn’t seen.

It’ll get there.

If it were trained on abbreviated or misspelled swear words then it would react accordingly.

Likewise the example of adding ‘Fucking’ to “I love you” so that it became “I fucking love you” is just a matter of training and categorisation. i.e. adding ‘fucking’ doesn’t make it a toxic comment but it might make it unsuitable.

We’ve turned this off BTW.


Thank fuck for that, cunting hairy ballsack abomination*

*not you obvs.