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:man_scientist: Experimenting with Google Perspective


Yes I got the warning when I posted the colloquial term for a “lady part” but as we know when used on the interweb thingy it has no female connotations. I can’t understand why it’s considered likely to cause offence , surely it’s a term of endearment.


I know Google seems to be the be all and end all, but they’re already filtering content because it doesn’t fit with what The Man wants. Page impressions on left-leaning sites have gone through the floor.

Fuck them. I don’t care if the cunts spider us or not. They’d probably de-rank us if they did.


This has been going on for years. Web Bots have always been able to filter out websites that allow profanity…they’re simply flagged and if the potential visitor has activated a swear filter that website is not returned in a search.

That’s the reason the large website on which I moderate has a zero tolerance to profanity…not out of moral outrage but ensuring commercial availability.


This is slightly different in that this isn’t just a text match for profanity. Instead it’s a trained model that looks for patterns of speech that might lead to a ‘toxic’ discussion. For example, It might flag something aggressive that has no profanity near it.

It was initially trained on the comments made whilst editing Wikipedia. Being a model that gets trained more and more it will get more accurate the longer it learns.


It works, I have been flagged but then again it was not unexpected… nor did it make me modify my response.


No-one cares about your stupid features so just wind your neck in before it all gets a bit tasty.


No warning.


Typical of you…posting without any though that the recipient of your bile might just have feelings. :rage:

No warning.


I said ‘Boner’ and that got me a warning… would I have got it had I said ‘erect penis’ instead?


Can’t filter out dubious images either…


Yeah, but if were captioned appropriately, say @saintbletch on the towpath”, Google would be in there like swimwear.

Context, new kids.


Sorry I’m late - have been at work today

Is it broken yet?

If not, try this

cunt arse, bum fondling racist paedo, fuck face


We call him Elon Musk

edit - no message telling me to edit this so it looks like we have the law on our side


I got a message suggesting I edit my post

Job done.

You can turn it off now @saintbletch




Motherfucking pigfucker cunts.


I don’t seem to get any warnings. Am I immune, Bletch - you utter cunt?


You need to “hard refresh” your browser (which simply means pressing Ctrl + F5 and/or Shft + F5) and then post bad words.


Oh yeah, I forgot that bit, you motherfucking pigfucker cunt.

Got warned that time. Thanks Fatso, you’re a top chap.


If i don’t refresh, can i call you personally, a cunt and a pedophilia, at the same time and do it perpetually?
More seriously, this a bad thing. Just consider the possible uses. It’s all being implemented for a reason and free speech isn’t it(Huxley is what it is).

Edit: yeah, no problems whatsoever.
I could say, Alexander Boris Pfeffel Johnson ,the inbred right-wing, fascist retard, fucks the the empty skulls of dead African children(through their melon lips obvs) after he’s scooped their brains out with a spoon.
It doesn’t give a shit. I’m still free and Google(notice the capital, I didn’t do that) the American SS startup are the most undemocratic cunts on the planet.