EU tearing itself apart over immigration

EU tearing itself apart over immigration


Obviously not.


Ignorant works, but arrogant doesn’t. Are you two thicker than me at language?
Result, never thought i’d find one😁


You haven’t.


I’ll think you find Bath tried to state these words aren’t stupid when I never said they were or weren’t I said the French were stupid and in turn they were arrogant and ignorant in their self assurance of the wall, not all were, many military experts thought it was bollocks and gave them a false sense of security.
It quite fucking obviously did, ignorant in not completing it and arrogant thinking it would suffice, ie fucking stupid.


At the risk of both returning to the topic and bringing a little light rather than heat to it, here’s an interesting read from today’s Grauniad.


I think this is the most @Barry-Sanchez post ever.

Barry Sanchez diplomacy, is not too different from his hero Trump’s it seems.


Really? Across the Ardennes? Good luck on that one


Easy, the Chinese didn’t have any issue building a wall did they? They thought the Ardennes was a barrier, how did that go?


I honestly can’t budge the image of Barry (well, the image I have in my head as I’ve not actually met the man - it’s obviously quite a cartoony-charactachure) at the dispatch box, ruddy-faced, swinging his england shirt over his head screaming

“Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough”

at some other country.

It’s a rather amusing image.


And they had a slightly longer time to do it in…


I suspect you and I agree on a great deal of this. The refugee crisis is something that has largely been caused by Western belligerence, whether it’s proxy intervention like in Syria, or direct intervention in Libya, which not only created Libyan refugees, but also created a previously non-existent refugee route through the African interior.

I’ve a huge amount of sympathy for anyone looking to come West, or North in the case of the Africans. We take all this shit for granted; they think it’s a veritable palace kingdom, and even if all they did in the EU was walk around the streets, they’d likely still think that.

The world is full of absolute, unlivable shitholes. The West has had a great part in making that happen, be it the economic hit-man route, the bomb peeps back to the Stone Age route, or the funding a load of extremists to play merry havoc in Syria to eject a leader you were feteing fifteen years ago as “a man you could deal with”, but can’t live with now route.

Don’t blame anyone for seeking stability or prosperity. I blame the politicians of the world, especially ours, for making them want it so much.


In Central Africa?


They could have and they didn’t quite obviously and it was stupid no to do so, the reasons and there many,
Offending the Belgiums and the King
The belief the Germans couldn’t advance quickly so therefore the French could mount a successful counterattack

etc etc

How did it all work out?

Shit creek, Belgium falls and many join the Nazis (could be argued the King was a Nazi) as do the Dutch, France falls and we’re alone, fucking stupid.


Yeah, because we really don’t seem to give a fuck. The Western media screams bloody murder at alleged chemical weapons being used in Syria. It’s eerily silent about child soldiers in Africa, a reality for decades now.

If we really were the world’s policemen, and did it right, according to the tenets of international law, I could absolutely live with that.

It’s pretending to be the world’s policemen while turning a blind eye to real crimes in progress, before committing a lot of your own, that bothers me.


We can have a European Army in Africa and restore order but we won’t as the snowflakes couldn’t handle it, all the while the UN can’t shoot unless they’re shot at and millions die, CAR and many other nations suffer while we do fuck all, letting economic migrants in isn’t the answer as it fuels more trafficking, stability in the region is key, how do we achieve that?
Thats the question.


Absolutely, Pap. We have brought this whole sorry fucking mess upon ourselves and then have the audacity to complain about it.

I remember, as a callow youth, inter-railing around central Europe back in the 90s. I have many great memories of that time but one which is relevant to your point has always stuck in my head. I stopped off and stayed overnight at a hostel in Mannheim (of all places). While there, I ended up in conversation with an African guy (funny how we lump them all together as this country called Africa - he was from Senegal). He was there doing a course in printing so that he could go back and help with the printing industry back in Senegal. I very arrogantly suggested that he’d be sorry to go back and how I was sure he’d love to stay in Germany because it was much wealthier than Senegal. He quickly corrected me. He couldn’t wait to get home to his friends and family, to the places and people he knew and had no intention whatsoever of staying in Germany. He was appreciative of them putting him on the course but was keen to go home.


I don’t think the answer eludes us intellectually, @Barry-Sanchez. It eludes us politically. For me, the answers are pretty simple. Respect where you can; intervene when you must, with the backing of the UN General Council.

The problem is that the permanent members of the UN Security Council have kinda done the opposite. They’ve ignored or vetoed international law.

The League of Nations and UN have failed for entirely opposite reasons. The League didn’t have enough big party buy in. The UN, in seeking to gain that buy in, gave them far too much.


The UN is a waste of space, it has no credibility in a peace keeping sense, have they kept peace anywhere?


Ive been busy. Some serious domestic shit exploding back home and I am pissed off.
So could only scan this thread.
So Immigration is due to the Maginot Line being built by Parisian surrender monkeys and right wing Eastern European Nations and Merkel, and the UN don’t want to get involved.
It obviously never become a problem because the mighty West demolished the Nations of Libya and Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan, or that Ghanians can earn more on the dole and not catch Ebola.

Glad we cleared that all up and hope Bazza’s French in -laws are well.
Back to Messenger, obstinate brick walls and BBC Sport Text feed


Didn’t religious fundamentalism destroy many of those nations? Didn’t women have more 50 years ago than they do now?