EU tearing itself apart over immigration

EU tearing itself apart over immigration


Maybe this thing should have been named “Discord”


It is named Sotonians.

Discourse is merely the present, lovely means, by which we get to be Sotonians.

That, and drinking.


All destroyed by mental Western Christian fundamentalists(bit of a fail in Syria).
Woman and also men had more 50 years ago, both in America and here.


Fair enough. I actually said “same old arse” to an ex-girlfriend when she gave me a twirl and said “new jeans”.
She didn’t take it very well. She walked quietly to the kitchen and i thought “oo, I got away with that” and went back to reading the paper.
Next minute I had blood pissing out of a head wound.
She had chucked a large joint of lamb at me and the bone caught me perfectly.



The ‘West’ and in particular the UK/US only wants ‘order’ and ‘stability’ in Central Asia/Middle East/Africa wherever, if it benefits the West. We couldn’t give a fuck about human rights, starving children, refugees, collateral damage, democracy, fundamentalism etc.
When Nations refuse to pander to our Foreign Policy the West will CREATE disorder and instability in the belief that a more co-operative regime can be established.
In the meantime we can plunder these Nations natural resources through ‘unofficial channels’, sell arms to as many ‘sides’ as possible, commit troops (covertly probably) to train ‘insurgents’, ‘moderate rebels’ or ‘terrorists’ and generally do whatever we can to gain some leverage amidst the chaos we help to create.



Welcome to Planet Earth.


I believe the correct western term is “bomb them back to the middle ages”, so we’ll done for supporting that. Any pictures of women in Syria under Assad?
Also well done for learning to post a picture. What did you originally say about Discourse?


just before I went out for dinner and then clubbing with them.

Old Town Restaurant in Old Town Damsacus is still going, as is the Topless Bar


I can post all other nations as well that were more open before the zealots were allowed their way.


Oh good. 20% of the female population, then and now, will be a big enough Sample(better include Yemen as well).
Get posting Barry.
While i’m talking percentages. Let’s have a look at some of the figures from Afghanistan.
Child casualties increased by 9%.
Female deaths rose by 23%.

US and Afghan airstrikes also contributed to the surge in civilian victims, with a 43% increase in casualties from the air, the figures showed(98% of all people killed by drone/precision bombing are innocent people).

How many years have the west been destroying that country for now?
We only bring democracy if you have a dictionary that defines democracy as:
starvation, rape(of yourself & and your lands resources) torture, humiliation then painful early death.


Was this in the 70’s? I’m talking about the people running the Country not our fuck ups, I said the fundamentalists run the Countries now and they do, Iran had a revolution, how did that go? You’re a pick and mix kind of guy.


You mean the fundamentalists created in the madrassas of neighbouring Pakistan?
Now which country created Pakistan?
Who has provided aid, training, arms and other support to Pakistan (despite knowing that Pakistan promoted terrorism and supported fundamentalists in Afghanistan)?


Fundamentalism wasn’t created in Pakistan, I hardly think that would affect Iran would it?


Sorry, what country are we talking about again? We’ve gone from Hungary to Iran via Germany and Afghanistan. I is confuzzled.


Think I’ll just stare at those Syrian ladies.


My bad Bazza. Reading fundamentalists and thinking Taliban! I may have had one too many Mojitos.
Stiil not sure how we got here from Merkel.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oooh! Ooooh! Miss…it was us, the UK wasn’t it?!



Sir is correct. A messy, needless partition which initially had one side of Pakistan on the other side of India. That bit eventually became Bangladesh. The situation in Kashmir has never been resolved; the place is a fertile breeding ground for extremism.

When you look at that, and consider the fact that the entire plan to separate Muslims from Hindus was flawed, and reflect that there are still 150m Muslims in India itself regardless, you’ve got to wonder whether it was worth the bother.

Muslims are something of a persecuted minority in what we call India today. A Greater India might suit everybody there better, but that’d mean the West wouldn’t be able to use Pakistan as its friendly neighbourhood client state.